what happens now?

Hi everyone,

what is the procedure for follow up after finishing chemo, and rads, i am planning to have further preventative surgery,

once i have had that i will be breast free, and was wondering how i will be checked in the future,

can anyone give me any idea?

love liz xxxx

I think your checked every year not sure but this will bump up and im sure someone will answer.

Hi Liz,
I was followed up 6 monthly for the first year by both surgeon and oncologist. I have annual mammograms and have been told to come back to see oncologist and surgeon once a year but to have them at six month intervals so that I see one of them every six months. Obviously both have informed me to get in touch if I have any worries in between those appointments.
Glad to hear you have finished treatment, I found it difficult to deal with at first. I think I pushed myself to hard and expected too much when I first finished treatment. Be kind to yourself.
Hope this helps
Jane x

Hi Liz

If you don’t have breasts either because you are living breast free or if you have bilateral implants then you normally would be seen in clinic usually annually for about 5 years but wouldn’t have mammograms routinely as no breast tissue to image. With no breast tissue your risk of recurrence is very low but just remain body aware and get to know what the new normal is for you so if you notice any changes you can report it asap. With no breast tissue you have a 95% reduction in new bc too.

All hospitals have different policies so you may have s variation on what I said above.

Lulu x

hi liz…i had bilateral mx in 2008…the second side was elective surgery…i was seen in clinic every 6 months, then reduced to every 12 months after 1st year…but they do stress that if u have ANY concerns, just get straight back in touch, and they usually ‘fast-track’ an appointment xx