What happens now?

I went for a routine mammogram last Thursday, and although the radiographer didn’t say anything, I saw a white blob about the size of a 1p piece in the middle of the breast.
I have now received a letter this morning inviting me to go for further tests next Wednesday. My mind is now all over the place and I am currently thinking the worst.
I have spent the last week since the mammogram prodding and poking each breast to try and find a lump (wasn’t even sure which breast the xray was from) but cannot find anything as they both feel the same, as they both feel lumpy in the same places!!
I have been taking HRT for the last 26 years (as I had a premature menopause when I was in my 20’s) and I don’t know if I should stop taking this?
Does anyone know what further test they do, as they say in the letter they may be able to give you the results on the day?

hi paulsbabe , there will be ladies along to support and talk to you , dont panic ! easier said than done i know but bear in mind that even if they have spotted something it does not automatically mean its cancer , and if its the worst case scenario then it has been caught early as a lump hasnt presented ( mine couldt be felt but seen on mammo ) ,caught very early means less intense treatment , i had tumour removed and at present undergoing radiotherapy , its very doable honest , i know you are going to be going through total fear now and thats really a normal reaction , it may be absolutely nothing but if anything at all presents on the mammogram they have to check it , so on the positive side you are in safe hands and it is your health they are checking , as for hrt i personally dont think you should just stop taking it , maybe a call to your gp will be of some help ?

sorry paulsbabe you asked question , if there is a suspicious lump they will biopsy it - take a sample for the lab , its painless as they put local anaesthetic in , did you have ultrasound scan ? once they know what they are dealing with they will inform you and set the ball rolling towards treatment - if thats whats required , feel free on here to ask anything you want , no question too silly and the support is amazing xx


Just echoing what Trish said - if it IS cancerous, then it sounds like you’ve caught it very early which means it is very unlikely to have spread and the treatment plan will be much easier with an excellent prognosis.

Obviously - it may well NOT be cancerous.

It sounds like you’re one of the lucky ones who will be finding out in a one-stop clinic. This usually involves someone examining you, a scan/mammogram and also a biopsy. You then have a couple of hours to kill while they do preliminary tests on the biopsy and then when you come back they are able to tell you if it is positive or not. I don’t think they are able to test it to the extent of giving you all of the information (whether it is oestrogen positive, what type of cancer it is etc) but they then send it off and give you the answers to that shortly after.

I say it’s lucky to be in that set up as most of us had agonising waits following the biopsy (mine was about 10 days, but 10 days of panicking, not sleeping etc!). You’ve had the worrying wait from your mammogram to your test appointment - so you can imagine if you had to wait that amount of time again for the results.

So, if that is the set up of your clinic I would take a partner or a friend with you.

I am sure others will be along soon who had the experience of the one-stop clinic.

I don’t know about the HRT - call your GP or the BCC helpline - but I would have thought that 5 days wont make much difference. And it might not be cancerous anyway.

GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you get on. If good news, we love to hear from people as we do think and worry about you! If bad news, we’ll be here to support you and answer any questions you may have.


Sounds like yours is a one stop breast clinic where they try to give results on the day. It’s a horrible time waiting and we have all been there. First I was examined to see if they could feel a lump.
After my mammogram I went to the ultra sound room, then a chest xray and finally a fine needle aspiration FNA. This was painless as it really was a fine needle. All the staff were lovely to me because i sort of knew there was a problem as I went all around the department. I would say everything and results were done in 2 hours max. I was the 1 in 10 that did have a problem but as I sat in the waiting room I realised that most women go home with a happy result. Having said that, the support was great and from the moment of dx I was given a plan. mx and treatment. That happened 10 days later! No messing about. They found a problem and dealt with it. Fingers and toes crossed you will go home with a happy result. If not we are all here for you in our exclusive club that no one wants to join.
Waiting to know is the worst. Plan lots of treats and distractions over the next few days and be really kind to yourself. Keeping everything crossed for you x

hi, what a shock for you. First of all I would not stop taking your HRT without talking to the docs on your test day. Whatever the lump on the scan is another week is not going to make any difference to it, and stopping might upset other thigs in your body

yes as trish says, if they say they might be able to give you results same day then it sounds like a one stop clinic. You will probably see a doctor, have an ultrasound and they may decide to do a needle biopsy or a core biopsy–no where near as bad as it sounds, I have a needle problem and i could cope with it again. Some clinics have labs on site and for some types of lump they can diagnose them straight away, but for other types you have to go back in a week to get the results. At the end you should see a doctor who will explain what they have found (hoperully nothing) and what the next step will be. If you do need more investigation you will be given a breast care nurse who you can ring and ask questions that occur to you. Nowadays they are very open and honest and do not try to hide things.

Be prepared to be there for hours, they can run behind and the tests can take some time. Have you thought about wether to take someone. some people are very private and prefer to go alone, but if they do not decide on the spot that it is a false alarm then it might be a bit of a shock, and whatever they tell you will go in one ear and out the other, so it is good to have a second pair of ears, also if you have a partner, this is a scary time for them, so coming with you is a practical way they can help. and the company might be nice.

Be prepared to go through any one of all the normal reactions between now and wednesdae–disbelief, shock, tears, panic anger and maybe a combination of them all. Some people retreat into a bubble and cannot concentrate on anything, some people cannot stop crying, its all natural, its a huge shock.

remember that 9 out of 10 breast changes are benign as are 50% of biopsies. I found my bump 9 weeks ago. Have had a little op to get it out,and am now awaiting 4 weeks of radiation treatment, but I do not need chemotherapy. So of course i would rather have not found cancer, but it has all been very doable. Apart from the weeks spent waiting for results, I could have done without that.

Do not google!!! most of the information is out of date and just wrong. If you have questions post them on here, everyone is very supportive, or if you just want to rant in the wee small hours of them morning if you cannot sleep writing it all out here helps so much.

Thank you so much for your advice.
No,I haven’t had an ultrasound, it was only the first mammogram I have ever had last week and I considered myself to be fine until I saw the blob on the screen - I’ve since prodded myself silly to try and find something.

Thank you so much for all your comments, you are all brilliant and I feel very guilty for blubbing away when you are all going through so much yourselves.
Keep up the positive attitude as you are all an inspiration x

dont feel silly, everybody remembers what it was like at the begining, not knowing what was going on. i am not having chemo, my nodes are clear and so there is no sign of it spreading, and i sometime feel a fruad asking silly questions when there are others going through so much.

But this site is to support everyone who comes in contact with cancer in any way and everyone is helpful and welcoming

all that prodding will make you sore and then you will question whether you made yourself sore or something sinister is doing it !!all normal behaviour i must add lol , if you feel that you want to scream , cry , laugh , whatever then you can do it all on here and noone will judge you , we have all been in the same boat and know what an awful worrying time it can be , good luck and keep us informed , we like to hear good news too xxx

I’m really dreading tomorrow now and worried as to what they may find. I have still been checking for lumps and still cannot find anything, 2 weeks on :frowning:
I have also now got a lovely cold sore to go with (probably brought on by stress).
I will let you know how I get on, and I’m trying not to worry but it’s not easy.

hope you have managed to get to sleep by now. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow. do come back and let us know how you get on. everytime there is good new there is a group cheer goes round the site. No matter what stage we are at it is great to know that someone has left the club

I have a wonderful photograph, needed for some pass or other, with a ma-HOOOO-sive cold sore. Certainly proves they’re brought on by stress, eh?!

I missed your first post, but I really hope things go well for you tomorrow. I’ve had 2 lots of surgery, chemo, just started rads, also have Herceptin and hormone therapy, and although it’s not pleasant, I’ve found it all very manageable. So even if you get the results you don’t want to hear, even the aggressive treatment CAN be manageable. If it weren’t we would have all given up, and this site will provide the support to help you get through the worst. And without doubt the worst bit I found - even including chemo - was the waiting for results right at the start.

You have NO reason to feel silly or guilty (been there, done that, know JUST how you feel right now). This is a truly horrible time for you at the moment, and even if you get great results, the waiting and worrying is truly dreadful. Ask anything you like, THERE REALLY IS NO SUCH THING AS A SILLY QUESTION. None of us knew anything about this disease when we were at the stage you are, so if something’s enough to make you formulate a question, go right ahead and ask it.

Best of luck, and I hope you’ll be coming back to tell us it’s all clear,


Good luck Paulsbabe, i can’t add much to what the others have said,keeping everything crossed for u, let us know how u get on.xx


Good Luck for today.

As everyone says, it is doable… I mean the tests today.

I have a needle phobia and visited a one-stop clinic. The Ultra Sound was the first indication of ‘Houston! We have a problem’.

The Biopsies were helped along by my BCN who held my hand, a lifesaver.

I took no-one with me, expecting ‘It’s just a cyst, no problems’ but I remember everything I was told. They still called me back 2 days later to with my OH to tell us the prognosis again and to discuss ‘The Plan’.

Come back later with your results, fingers crossed you’ll be black-balled out of the club.

Love and &lt;&lt;<hugs><br>

thinking of you , hope all goes well. please let us know , angie x

Hi Girls,

Well, I have managed to get through today, with your kind wishes and a very supportive hubby.

I met with the nurse who did another mammogram and told me that the white blob I originally saw was just normal breast tissue, but it wasn’t that they were looking at, it was a small area in my right breast about 7mm, so very small.
I then had an ultrasound followed by a core biopsy. They have told me not to worry (easier said than done I know) as they seem to think it is either a small pappiloma (which she says is usually benign) or it may be calcification. If it is the latter they say they will remove it as a precaution, to make sure it is stopped before it starts.
I now have to go back for the results on Wednesday of next week.
Has anyone else had anything similar?

Thanks so much for all your support, you are all absolutely brilliant x