What helps me feel better on not so good days

Well I went to the Haven where I was taught relaxation techniques. Using breathing exercises I take myself off to one of my favourite beaches and have a stroll. I also go physical down to Ayrshire along with my husband and our dog Ollie and we walk.along the beach at Troon and enjoy a good day out. I have a paddle along with the dog. I also enjoy baking and listening to my favourite music I read books but most of all I thank God I am still here I am not a religious person but I think we all change when we go through a life changing event like Cancer. We appreciate the smaller things I have always enjoyed my garden and wildlife it just feels so much more to me now watching things grow and having fun we all need that, they say laughter is the best medicine. When I was really low I would sing that line “I got knocked down but I got up again nobody’s gona put me down” I know it’s corny but as one of my friends said you literally talked yourself better. I am 4 years on this September I still have aches and pains but I go to aquafit classes and find they help you can go at your own pace and the other thing is your out with other people and friends being part of life again. I also get alternative therapies and these help with my aches and pains I get MLD massage for my arm as I have lymphoedema I joined a class at the Haven again to learn self management of my lymphoedema this made me feel more in control of my condition. Mother always said remember when your feeling down just remember that there is always someone who is worse off than you. I try to remember that quote. I hope that I have not been rambling on.

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Thank you very much for sharing the things that make you feel better on not so good days :slight_smile:

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I so agree with you, I see the world differently now, I appreciate things more but also have become a little tougher maybe?