What if it's spread?

We were meant to get the results of Mum’s CT scan last night but they didn’t have them back yet. So now it’s a wait until Thursday. We have basically agreed to go ahead with chemo before surgery and the consultant said that providing the scan results are normal we will be able to go ahead for next week.

My Mum thinks it will have spread because they don’t know how long it has been there and suggested maybe 6 months. She has swollen lymph nodes so that’s another sign worrying her. The consultant said he is quite sure they are going to come back normal so I can’t help taking a little of his reassurance on board but I don’t know if he is just saying that.

If it has spread to other areas, does anyone know what happens? I presume they go ahead with the chemo to get rid of those cells too? I’m so worried about Thursday. I just wanted the news over last night.

Thanks for any help with this.

hi there Michelle

sorry for your devasting news but you really are in the right place for support, try and get your mum on here, she will have questions and fears that maybe we can help with.

Im 37 and i ignored a very large lump in my breast for quite a while and then i noticed a ball under my arm, where the fluid had gone into my lymph nodes, it was a big ball and the lump in my breast was 37mm so really big after my first lot of chemo the ball had shrunk and so had the one in my breast, it really is a powerful thing, after a few more sessions the ball under my arm had disappeared the lump in my breast had gone down to 4mm, my mri showed that it hadnt spread anywhere else and after my operation the lymph nodes had shown that the chemo had killed off any cancer in my nodes that were there. Im sure everything will be fine. I just wanted to let you know my little story and hope it helps, there are more good stories than bad on this site and its best to get things from the horses mouth.

good luck and take care


Hi Michelle82

Sorry to hear about your mum. With your question about spreads, I was dx on 16 July with bc and then double whammy 10 days later that it had gone to my liver, so an operation for mascectomy was out of the window and went straight onto chemo. I have now had 2 sessions and tell your Mum that chemo is doable. Not half as scary or as awful as I feared and apart from the hair, I have had no side effects to complain about. They blast spreads with chemo and think some people have rads too. I am HER2+ so think having Herceptin after chemo, but gotta have that confirmed yet. I am 39 yrs old with 2 children under 4. So have lots to fight for. As does everyone on this forum.

I hope you and your mum are OK. This forum is a lifeline to me, and it will help both of you through this and give you the strength and determination to fight. I hope that your mums ct scan comes back clear.

Let us know how you get on.

Take care

Thanks so much for your information. I think I just feel like every time we have been to an appointment we have had worse news than expected so I’m prepared to hear something bad at the results. I just didn’t know what the process would be, but I suspected it may be the chemo as planned. Thank you again and I wish everyone well and good luck with the chemo.

Hi Michelle

Can really relate to your comment about every appointment being bad news - that is exactly what has happened to me. Got another onc. appointment on 12th and am DREADING it, although not had anymore scans or anything, but keep thinking what if they didn’t tell us everything last time … It is such a worry. But as everyone says, once chemo starts, at least you know you are fighting back and trying to zap the b******s.

Good luck to you and your mum

Sorry all

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Hi Michelle,

just wanted to wish your mum all the best for her appt today. Waiting for results is always a worrying time, we can all appreciate how your must be feeling.

I hope the news is good,

Take care and love to you both at this very worrying time,


Hi Michelle and your Mom

Just to wish you good news today at your appt. It is such a horrible time waiting but when the treatment starts you and your Mom will feel better and keep using this site everyone is so helpful and supportive no matter what you need.



Thank you so much for your well wishes. I just popped on here whilst having my lunch before I go and it was such a nice surprise to see these. We have planned a shopping day tomorrow to treat ourselves so really looking forward to that! Thank you again and best wishes.