what is a typical cycle of chemo?

Morning ladies. Well I’m day 4 of my first cycle of EC and still feeling sick despite some new tablets.

My question is what can I expect next? Is there a typical pattern of side effects?

After 4 days of throwing up I am very emotional and don’t feel that I can do this 5 more times. I know in have to buy feel so down.

Helen xx

Hi Helen, I’ve finished my FEC now and was lucky to not actually be sick, though I did used to feel nauseous. Days 1-5 I felt sick, day 5-6 would feel quite emotional and tearful, would often think that I’m never going to have chemo again and that I’d never feel better, day 5 would start with the immune boosting injections for 5 days. Day 8-9 would feel the fog starting to lift, day 11 onwards would feel back to normal and would start going out and having some fun. We are all different, but it will get better Helen and you’ll get through this even though you may not think so at this time. Sissy xx

Thanks sissy. I’m feeling better today but still very emotional. They’ve not given me any immune boosting injections. Helen x