What is Neutropenia?

What is Neutropenia?

What is Neutropenia? Hiya,

Can anyone please tell me what neutropenia is?

I have seen it mentioned a few times on other posts and would like to know what it is as if wouldnt know if I had it if it jumped up and bit me on the bum!

Many thanks


Hi Julie

Its all to do with your neutrophils blood score (part of the white blood cells that fight infection). If your score is very low then you are more likely to come down with infections that your body can’t fight and you may have to have chemo delayed or in the worse scenario be hospitalised.

I suffered nuetropenia septicemia on treatment 5/8, roughly 10 days after chemo it started with a sore throat and so many mouth and throat ulcers it was impossible to count them, then my temperature soared and I suddenly became limp like a ragdoll, I got myself to the hospital to find a temp of 39 and blood score of 0.01, I remained in isolation for 5 days on antibiotics and let home once my temp settled and blood scored 0.6 which quickly recovered for chemo 6/8.

It is quite dangerous and that is why you are told to keep an eye on your temperature during chemo. If you do get unfortunate then you are usually offered injections to help your body produce more WBC.

Hope this explains it for you,