What is tax, i have only been offered EC

Hello, first of all just wanted to say hello as this is my first post and these boards have really helped me over the last few days of reading. I was diagnosed end of September, had lumpectomy and wle and just had second chemo… i was offered a standard treatment called EC - which is made up of epirubicin and cyclophosfamide but after reading on here about tax i am wondering whether this might be better for me or is it for certain types of bc - i am her2+ and will be having radiotherapy, herceptin and tamoxifen once the chemo is out of the way. Thanks so much for reading and hope everyone is having a brighter day, bellatrix

Hi Bellatrix

and welcome to the forum - though obviously I am sorry you have had to join us!

I was diagnosed on 1st November and had right mastectomy with full node clearance on 13th Nov. 5 of 11 nodes were affected, and I am her2+. My treatment regime is 4 x FEC, followed by 16 sessiosn of radiotherapy, followed by 4 x Taxotere, then a year of herceptin. My understanding from my onc is that the tax is being used because of the node involvement and the aggressive nature of my tumour.

The judgement as to which chemo you are given is based on many factors determined followig analysis of the lump ie grade, stage, node involvement etc etc. I would suggest that if you are worried, you discuss this further with your onc - though I imagine that the decision to give you EC was made based on facts determined from pathology reports on your lump.

Sorry I can’t be of more help - hope you get some reassurance regarding your treatment

take care

margaret x


I understood ( but pleased check as not really sure) that if you were hormone neg you were then given Tax as it brought you in line with women who could have hormones.

Each of us have a treatment plan that is taylored to our own type of cancer.

Sorry you had to join us, I to was dx end of sept but I am having chemo first.

Good luck

Jacke xxxx

thanks so much for your replies, it means such a lot to me right now that i can reach out to people.

i will ask my onc about tax, i am sure he has me on the right regimen but sometimes you get so baffled by all the information to take on board.

thanks again for taking time to reply, carrie x (bellatrix)

Oh, and just to say I made the mistake of confusing Taxol with Taxotere, they can both be refered to as Tax, and although they are part of a similar family of drugs, they are different… I’d been posting on a Taxotere thread for a few days until my onc explained I was going to be on Taxol… I felt a bit of a muppet…doh!