what is Tax...

Taxotere or Taxol???

I am start to get confused!!!

I am having taxol anyone else?

Side effects??/

Thanks a lot

not sure what the difference is, or of in fact they are the same, i am sure some other women will know. I am due to start taxotere which i call tax for short. Tax is always a dirty word, fec sounds like a swear word, i think they are both aptly named.


No expert at all, but I think that lots of people who use the abbreviation Tax are referring to Taxotere which is not the same thing as Taxol which I think is used for secondaries. Have you tried searching this website for the BCC leaflet on Taxol which will give details of SEs?


I believe tax = taxotere and taxol = paclitaxel. They are quite similar but not exactly the same.

I had weekly paclitaxel(taxol) last year and SE wasn’t too bad. No experience with tax.


P.S. tors, like your comment on FEC!

Hope this helps I’ve found this on another site…

“Taxotere (docetaxel) and Taxol (paclitaxel) are closely related. Taxol was discovered in the USA by testing many natural compounds while Taxotere was developed in Europe as part of a programme to screen closely related compounds. Both compounds work by interfering with cell division, but there are subtle differences. When tested in tissue culture not all cancer cells are equally sensitive to both agents. There are also differences in they way they are broken down and cleared from the body. So there are reasons to believe they may have different effectiveness as anti-cancer medicines.”

Theresa x

I have heard of people who have started off on taxotare who have changed over to taxol after having problems… also some oncs seem to have their own preferred chemos… (my unit always call it docetaxel…)

mhmhmh…I will talk with my onc…but v funny Tors comment!!!


LOL, Vickie!!
Both are part of the taxane family but different drugs, Frederica.

I had taxol for adjuvant chemo and am still doing well 6+ yrs later.In those days it was only given for seccondary bc but I managed to get on the Taxol trial.It’s one of the best chemos we have for triple neg tumours and it’s derived from the yew tree!!

Hi Frederica

Here are the links to the ‘Taxol’ and Taxotere’ publications:



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