What is the follow-up system?

I wonder if anyone can tell me their follow-up plan on the NHS.
I had WLE in January for DCIS and finished 16 rads last week. Although I’m +, onc decided no pills as side effects would be worse.
I see him in August as that will be 6 months post-op.
I used private health insurance but feel out of a support system. What could I expect for follow-up on the NHS?
lynnietom x

I can relate to your comment about feeling out of the suport system when on private medical care. I used my private medical to get a quick referral and had my surgery in a private hospital … hoever my consultant worked in the NHS and did private part-time and he strongly advised that everything after the surgery should be done on the NHS as they could offer me a bigger and better onc team. The private medical also covers follow-up for 5 years but the NHS will follow-up for 10.

There were some things that kind of got overlooked in the transition between leavbing the private and entering the NHS - such as I did not get any physio from the private sector and by the time I got into the NHS and they referred me I was about 6 weeks post-op and had severe chording etc.

Speak to your GP or consultant about follow-up with the NHS

Thanks for that, lilacblushes - I’ve just read your comment on the other thread. My onc was the same chappie who gave me my diagnosis in NHS hospital and who works privately too so I stayed with him. I would like access to a bit of support rather than just being on a ‘tick list’ - have I given you the number to ring if you have a problem? Yes. Tick etc.
I rang the bcn at NHS hosp (who was lovely) about my arm and she said to contact the physio at private place but I suspect they don’t deal with as many bc patients and I’d rather have a pro!
I think I’ll contact him for an appointment and run things by him.
Take care

Did u get any joy with physio?