What is this pain?

What is this pain?

What is this pain? Hi All,

I had my third FEC last week, but for the past two days my body has been hurting. It feels bruised and sore all over. Anyone else had this I wonder.

I am wondering if maybe I went back to the gym too son after my treatment, but was ok the time before that.

Any advice much appreciated.


Phew!!! Hi susie

Phew — going to the gym, I admire your energy!!!

I am on my 3rd cycle of Epi the E in the FEC if you get my drift. I find that I ache all over from it especially my arms and legs. This seems to have got a little worse each cycle.

Last week i walked to my local shops and back (about 2mile round trip) and felt absolutely wrecked for the the rest of the day and was snappy at my poor spouse.

Maybe you just need to accept you need to ease up a bit. I have found this very difficult as I am very physically active so can appreciate how much you may want to get going after each treatment. I am finding short bursts of activity with short rests the best way to get the maximum out of each day.

Take care of yourself

Love Swanie.

You may have overstretched yourself. I swam 4 times a week and walked miles 4 times a week. Since dx last November I have only just started walking, and that only a quarter of what I used to., I have had no energy and have gone more lethargic as the chemo’s went on. By the time I had my last one I couldn’t knock the skin of a rice puddin’. Been walking this morning but just half an hour going to build it up.Try something a bit easier like a walk rather than gym. Best of luck and take care Eileen

Hy Susie Nice to hear you are nearly at the end of chemo, you have done so well getting to near halfway point. I am currently on cmf and aches and pains are sadly part of the treatment , even my skin feels like it aches like hell at time so i don’t want anyone to come near me, it gets that sore. Hopefully when this period of out lives is over we can forget all the bad days and just enjoy the realisation of how fantastic we all are for getting to the end.I think we all deserve a pat on the back, (if it wasn’t so painful) Good luck with rest of chemo and keep in touch