What now?

What now?

What now? I have recently had concerns about symptoms which looked like IBC. Had mammo and scan which showed nothing, saw the surgeon who blamed radiotherapy ( 3 and a half years ago) , saw the onc who did my radiotherapy and he blamed the surgery for a long scar and removal of all my lymph nodes.
Having been told it was lymphodema of the breast I went to see my breast care nurse who said she wasn’t trained in MLD of the breast and that I should by a natural bristle hair brush and brush it!
So here I am again, red swollen breast that ridges if I look at it, peau d’orange skin, shooting pains in my back, fed up, and nobody can help. Is it going to be like this forever now? It doesn’t hurt but it just doesn’t seem right! All advice and comments welcome xx Thanks
Sorry for whinging!

Kate the BC Nurse or your GP will refer you to the Lymphoedema clinic where you will get proper help.
Try not to get into a state about IBS- we all do when lymph accumulates, breast enlarges and skin does the orange peel bit.
IBS is not likely after BC op- Lympho is.
My daughter has just left after sermonising about my maxing the gloomiest possible outcome -so it’s a case of people in glass houses I’m afraid!
Best wishes,dilly

Thanks Dilly I think that my breast care nurse IS the lympho clinic! She told me that if the LD was in my arm she could do allsorts to help but because it’s my breast she can’t help. Is your breast like mine all the time? Does the swelling ever go down at all and once you have peau d’orange is that it forever or can it disappear? Sould I just ignore it now and accept that this is as good as it gets?
Yeah! I do gloomy too! Big time! lol!

Kate don’t know answer to orange peel skin but my spot of amateurish MLD has reduced the swelling.
There must be someone in your PCT who will show you how to do MLD. If you get br back to normal size with no lymph padding it out would expect the skin to go back to normal too.
And no, never accept that this is as good as it gets until you’ve satisfied yourself that it’s a true and inalienable fact!
Best wishes, dilly

Dear KateG Please feel free to contact our confidential freephone helpline number for more information and support regarding the symptoms you have at present, the helpliners will be able to advise you about how you can access further professional advice in your area regarding your symptoms. The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards
Breast Cancer Care Host

To Moderator Thank you for that. Best wishes.