What options do I have now?

I have just had my out-patients appointment with my surgeon who carried out my bowell operation. I still have a fiscula that is still leaking through the original wound and have a wound bag over it. Basically he has told me that operating is not an option as I have cancer cells in my peritneal cavity which is stopping my wound from healing. I have to wear this bag until it heals up (if it does). The other alternative is to be admitted to hospital and be hooked up to a bag of TPN (food) so that the bowell can be rested but this will really effect my quality of life.

I have an appointment with my oncologist next Thursday to discuss what she can do for me (if anything). I last had chemo in March and whilst I still have an open wound they don’t like to give you chemo. So its catch 22 whilst I am not having chemo the cancer cells are going to grow but if i do have chemo this can stop the wound from healing and make me very poorly.

I am very frightened now and dreading next week.

Any ideas or experiences anyone?


No ideas at the moment.

Just sending my best wishes and hoping and praying for a soulution.

Julie xxx

Sorry to hear about your predicament.

With love and best wishes.


I’m so sorry to hear this Caroline. Would you have to be in hospital for long if you were put on TPN ? Would it help to try another hormonal while the wound heals? I just read some of your old posts to see if you are er+ and read you have had Tamoxifen and Arimidex…would Aromasin, Megace or Faslodex be worth trying while you wait to resume chemo?
I hope things improve and very soon for you.
Love Belinda…x

Hi Caroline,

I just wanted to send my best wishes and support,so very sorry you are going through this very scary time, Hoping and praying that when you see your onc,he will be able to suggest a solution.I will be thinking of you.

Lots of love,Maryx

So sorry you are going through all this. Just wanted to send you positive vibes and wish you a good meeting with your onc on Tues.love Juliex

Caroline - really sorry to hear this. Like the others, I’m sending all good wishes and hope you can get some good news re treatment this week.

Thinking of you, Liz x

So sorry to hear about your latest predicament Caroline. You have been through so much, and I wish you all the best when you see your oncologist - hope all goes well and they can come up with more ideas for your treatment.

love Trixie x

Hi Caroline,

Just sending you very best wishes and I hope you have a positive outcome on Thursday.

Look after yourself and I’ll be thinking of you.

Love and hugs


Hi Caroline

I’m afraid I have no ideas but hope meeting with onc goes well on Thursday and you get a solution to your predicament.

Wishing you all the best.

Anne x x

Hi Caroline,

Sorry to hear about this and sorry that I can’t help.

Just to say I’m thinking about you and hope the appt goes well on Thur.

Take care xx

I have been to see the oncologist today and to be honest it was a bit of a waste of time. He wants me to have a scan urgently (within the next 2 weeks) and see them again in 3 weeks so they can see what has been happening in side of me (if anything) MY blood tests don’t show anything unusual which is good.
But why did they not send me for a scan before this meeting so I didn’t have to keep waiting.
Apperently depending on my scan results if nothing has changed then they will continue with a chemo break to allow my body to recover from the operation I have had. But if there has been some progress then they will put me back on Capecitamine as it did work well last time.

So its waiting time again

Thank you for all of your lovely comments it means a lot

Caroline - sorry to hear your appointment was a bit of a waste of time but hopefully capcitebine will be on the menu for you again and will work as well as it did last time. Where is the logic in not doing a scan before you see them ???

Take care and hope you can heal enough for the chemo.

Liz x

Hi Caroline,
Just popped in to see how your appt went today - so sorry it didn’t give you the answers you were wanting and you’ve still got to wait,don’t the medics realise how awful waiting is?!
Anyway, I hope they get the scan sorted quickly and you don’t have to wait too long.
Love Julie x

Hi Caroline,

Sorry to hear that you are still waiting! We pysche ourselves up enough when we have appointments without them being disappointing and not having any results!

Here’s hoping that you heal quickly and don’t have to wait too long!

Take care
Nicky xx

Hi Caroline,

Just read your post - I really can’t see why they didn’t scan you before your appointment doesn’t make sense and you could do without the added stress of yet another waiting. I think its the worse part of this disease.

On a positive note at least your bloods are good and hopefully you can have some respite from the chemo and you still have the options.

I hope you have a good rest and have some nice things planned for the weekend.

Take good care of yourself and look forward to talking to you on Tuesday.

Much love and a big hug.


Hi Caroline

Just wanted to say I hope your wound is healing well and that you are feeling better.

Thinking of you