What scan should I be having?

Can anyone please advise me on what kind of scan I should be aiming for when I see the surgeon for a six month review next week?

I have lymphodema in my left arm and it has worsened in the affected (left) arm and armpit and has spread to lower arm now. Also, more worryingly, at times it moves across my back, down right rib cage side, also into specific and mirrored areas of bottom cheeks and top of thighs. Feels hot and painful.

I had a 1cm low grade tumour removed and 4 lymph nodes (clear, sentinel biopsy) in Jan last year 2007 and radiotherapy for 15 sessions in April/May 2007. I am also experiencing water retention in my legs probably as a result of Tamoxifen.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Trying not to get in a state!

Hi Purplefleece

I think they use MRI scans (that’s what I was given when I first developed lymphoedema), for this, but there may be someone with more up-to-date info.

Have you got a sleeve and/or ‘lipomed’ bra for the swelling? Think I mentioned after one of your other posts that diuretics are not good for lymphoedema, if anyone suggests this.

Thinking of you



Hi purplefleece

I think you would probably benefit from talking this through with someone who can steer you through the options. Why don’t you give our helpline a ring? Helpline - The number is 0808 800 6000 and it is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

best wishes