What shall i do ?

What shall i do ?

What shall i do ? Hi everyone, yesterday i was working in the garden and got covered in midgey bites, all over my still bald head , under my chin and on some on good arm and one on bad arm. I put antihistamine on everywhere but spent the whole night puking up and dont know if there is a connection? i have some antiotics (just to keep in case i need them) but dont know whether to start taking them or not. My bad arm isnt swollen or anything but cant understand why i was sick last night-never thought about insect bites before -any advice please


Don’t know if there is a connection between bites and sickness. I think it depends how you feel today? Bites can get infected and if your immune system is a bit low there could be more of a chance. If you have bites on the affected arm(had nodes removed) you should keep a very close eye on it.

Any sign of infection and you should have antibiotics (redness, pain, swelling, temperature, some people do feel sick with an infection). NHS direct could give some advice. The sickness could be unrelated and regards to that as I said , I think it depends how you are this morning, if it doesn’t settle then again advise is needed.

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possible virus? Hello Pineapple - perhaps you had one of these nasty viruses going around? There is a 24-hour one that produces sickness. If your temperature rises or your bad arm seems affected, then of course you ought to seek help at once.

Incidentally, there was another person living in France who seemed low in her last posting - ssang. Don’t know if there is any way that you can connect with her?

Hope the midgey bites clear up.