what should i ask consultant

hi just had lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy going back to consultant for results what should i ask i want to know everything i was told it was invasive ductal whatever this means i am scared am i going to die i read in one leaflet survival rate after 5 yrs is small help i suffer with panick attacks at best of time i am 49 if that helps i had my daughter 21 stay with me in hospital as so scared…

Hi Jal7777
Sorry to hear how worried you are feeling at the moment.

Rest assured, your consultant and Breast Care nurses will tell you everything you need to know, but write down all your concerns just in case. Reading those leaflets and surfing the net can be very scary - try not to do too much of it as they rely on ‘worst case scenarios’. Even if you think of questions after the meeting you can ring the BC nurses or use this site for support from people who’ve been there already.

Good Luck, and keep in touch
Maddy xxxx

jal7777 - I had invasive ductal carcinoma 17 years ago and am still here and enjoying life to the full. Take some deep breaths and try to stay focused. Make a list of all your questions however trivial you may think they are and ask them all. Hope your daughter can go with you. Do please let us know how it goes and remember we are all thinking of you and have been there. Am sending you good cyber karma XX

thank you to all so far it does help i am going in a couple of hours with my notebook i just feel silly asking lots of q and at moment i am hospital out of my area but i would like to stay there now can i

hi just got over shock from consultant they got the cancer out and my lymph glands were clear so gt news BUT in my safety area were two more spots of cancer so now reccomends a mastectomy and reconstruction what advice now please

I am so sorry to hear your latest news - I think you are allowed to be more than a little shocked in the circumstances.

The good thing is that you are registered on this site - there will be many others who have been in the same position and who will offer you advice and support.

It still doesn’t have to be a death sentence, and there is the potential that the other areas may not develop further if they are left, but are you really prepared to take the risk? I know it sounds drastic but if the experts are suggesting mastectomy I (personally) would follow their advice.

Good Luck with your decision
Best wishes