What should I ask the Surgeon?

I am going to my first appointment with the surgeon this Wednesday and am hoping for some advice about what to ask him, as I know some of you ladies are further down the line from me and probably know what you should ask, or even what you wished you had asked, when you had that first appointment!


I have so far been diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive ductal cancer, the plan is for a lumpectomy and sentinel node procedure (I’m calling it a “nodectomy” for short!) then radiotherapy sometime after that, but I guess that might change once they have the pathology back?


They have requested a list af any medications, so I will take that.

I will ask if the surgery will be done at the hospital I am seeing him at; as there are two others they have mentioned in my area.

I will ask him if he thinks I should have my Mirena coil taken out.

How long it takes for the results to come back.

Whether he is planning to put in drains.

Whether he will want a marker put in.


Can you think of anything I should ask, I don’t know what to expect from this appointment!


Sorry to ask so much, any advice would be gratefully received!


Thank you,


Amanda x



Hi Amanda
you pretty much have it covered. You could ask if you will be having the radioactive injection to show you nodes on the same day as surgery. I did but I think some people had it done a day or so before
I did ask how he thought my breast might look after surgery/healing as I was having a pretty big chunk taken out
so far surgery was the easiest part of it for me, I am not doing so well now during rads but everyone is different
most likely your pathology will be around 2 weeks later and ask for a copy of it, it will help you make decisions about whether or not you want to take hormones or have chemo
let us know how you get on Amanda, best of luck xx
sheena xx