What should I do?

I have recently had a few signs and symptoms of the thing! I’ve been to the doctors who found a lump when I hadn’t. They’ve told me because I’m 22 to come back in 4 weeks to make sure it’s nothing to do with my menstrual cycle. However, I’m on a pill which prevents me from having periods. I’ve also never suffered with breast problems during the periods. We have a family history of the thing so this is causing me to worry.

Do I just go and get a second opinion for my sanity or wait?

Hi MGoodall,

If I were you I’d be back for a second opinion. The fact that it’s in your head and driving you insane means that you really can’t let it lie. The chances of it being anything sinister at your age are extremely slim, but it’s not impossible, so for your own peace of mind, please go back and discuss it with your GP. Does he/she know that you have a family history of BC and that your obviously very concerned? You’ll make yourself ill with worry if you don’t address this issue, so please go back to see your GP. Ann x 

Hi weeannie,

She does know the history of the family but she still said come back in four weeks! I’m going to book an appt today!

Thank you