What should I get for Mum?


My mum has just had a mastectomy and will be starting chemo in the next couple of weeks (Waiting to heal at the minute) but I just want to get her things that will help her during this time. I know Ice lollies are good but not sure If i could get her other things to help during her sessions?

I’m worried sick and really just looking to be of as much support as possible any Ideas would help greatly.

Thanks in advance
Kim x

I didn’t do chemo so I can’t advise on what to get - but I’m sure there will be someone along fairly soon to hep out.

Your Mum is so lucky to have you - you sound a lovely caring daughter.

There is a thread in the chemo section where ladies have listed stuff that they found useful.

chilled sparkling water,her favourite magazines to read while chemo goes in,company at every appointment,a comfy bed and no guilt at using it,quick food for steroid induced hunger,fresh pineapple,lemon and ginger tea to sip if she cant stand milk,light cotton head scarves cos wigs can be itchy,a sympathetic ear,reassurance that it will pass and chemo is zapping the cancer,encouragement without pressure and all the love I know you give her anyway.Vx

Hi Kim,

All of the things Horace suggested are good. One thing my husband did for me which was really good was to get me out the house sometimes for short walks, a quick drink at the pub with friends- I found a half of shandy very palatable. Anything to help me still feel part of the world. Also my daughter bought me some ice-lolly moulds so that I could make flavours to suit what my taste buds wanted at the time.

Remember to treat your self and take care - you need to keep your stength up too

Love to you both Jacqui

Oh Kim, with such a caring daughter as you obviously are, your mum won’t need anything else!

The most important thing for your mum is to know you are there to support her and to offer help when it’s needed. As far as material things go, horace’s list is a very comprehensive one and as a past chemo patient I can’t think of anything else, except that I ate an awful lot of Marmite when my taste buds were affected, as it was the only thing that I could really taste for a week or so after each cycle of chemo.

I finished my chemo exactly 3 years ago and I’m sure your mum will be reassured to hear about those of us who’ve been through it, come out the other side and have returned to a fairly ‘normal’ life. At the time it seems to go on forever but she will cope with the chemo, she will get through it, and her hair will grow back.

Very best wishes to you and your mum.

Carol x


I just want to thankyou for your Ideas. I will ensure I take onboard all your comments to make sure my mum is as comfortable as possible during her sessions.

Starting my list as we speak.

Again many thanks
Kim x