What support can one expect?

Dear all,


I hope you are well, no matter where you are in your journey.


Just wanted to know what people’s follow up routine is like. I had ER+, HER-ve breast cancer, nil lymnph node involvement but some possible vascular invasion. 

Here is my journey so far:

Breast screening clinic

Postive diagnosis

Lumpectomy (wide local incision)

Initial oncologist appointment for radiotherapy

Radiotherapy (15 plus 5 booster)

Oncologist appointment post radiotherapy.


Here’s my issue: I’ve been discharged from the oncologist clinic and will have yearly follow-up with surgical team which run breast screening clinic.


My concern is having nil onocologist/medical input especially regarding tamoxifen etc. When I had an issue regarding birth control, for example, my GP asked me to refer to my oncologist. Now that I’ve been discharged what do I do?


What are other people’s experience of follow up care? Please let me know. Thinking of putting a complaint in as I want to have that support for the next 5 years or so. It means seeing me once a year which I don’t see as an unreasonable request.


Please let me know!

Hi Adriana,

What you describe is fairly standard I believe, if  chemo wasn’t needed. From what I’ve seen, the surgeon does the follow-up in this situation. 

My follow up is exactly the same, in fact I had my 3rd annual one with the surgeon today. 

If needed, presumably referral can be made back to the oncologist if needed & your GP or BCN can advise. 

ann x