What time to take tamoxifen

Just wondering when everyone takes their daily pill. I’ve been taking it in the morning but finding I don’t drop off to sleep very easily. Would it help to take it at night? Any thoughts?

Hi Maire,
I too take mine in the morning; I take mirtazapine at night and when I was prescribed both that was how I was told to take them. Without the mirtazapine I struggle to get to sleep too; Tamoxifen doefishermen to cause insomnia, even though I don’t get hot flushes or night sweats! I’ve heard the side effects are worst around 5hrs after taking the pill, but that may be anecdotal rather than scientific fact.
Lisa xx

I have been taking it for 18 months and have always taken it at night as I go to bed. Working on the principle that I will sleep through any side effects! So far so good and I sleep ok. Also hot flushes disappeared after a few weeks too.

I started off taking it in the morning, but I found I was feeling sick all day and not eating properly. So I started taking them after the evening meal, and don’t seem to get any side effects now.

I take mine just before bed, usually 12ish… Sleep great, so far no sweats and no other SE’s as yet… I reckon it’s better to sleep through any tablets that could cause SE’s… So far so good!