What to do with redundant Bra,s

Hi i now have some lovely bra,s which i do not need anymore, are there any charities or refuges etc which takes them, it seems a shame to throw them out.

Hello Meg’s mum,

Any charity shop selling clothes would be happy to have your bras, as long as they’re in good condition (which I’m sure they are!). Or you could drop them in the Salvation Army clothes donations skips which most towns have somewhere. Perhaps you’d like to donate them to a cancer charity or local hospice shop, which may be more meaningful to you in some way. It’s a great idea, BTW!

Angelfalls xx

Hi, you could donate them to breasttalk.co.uk (charity that recyles them abroad). Sorry you are in the position to get rid of them, i am almost 2 yrs on & still haven’t taken that step! Rosie

heres another website where you may be able to donate them to, a lingerie shop local to me has a recycling bin to support this charity / organisation.


Gill x

Against breast Cancer, you can google it as links are likely to be removed, collects bras.