what to wear instead of a bra?

Hello everybody, my sister found out yesterday that she has to have surgery followed by a month of radiotherapy. What can I get for her to wear during radiotherapy which will provide support for her E cups? I’ve thought of a crop top but I’m not sure where she will get sore and whether a crop top would be really uncomfortable. As fas as we know the surgery is fairly minor so she won’t be losing any of her breast. I also need some advice on what she might like to wear after the op - if its a small wound then would we get away with a normal bra before radiotherapy starts?

hello Kittyhola
what a lovely sister you are!
I have g cup bosoms and found a sports bra was very soft and comfy. I still use it for exercising, but basically, wore it and washed it every couple of days during radiotherapy and it was great. From M&S and not expensive. Got their vests with support for post op and that was a good option too. some are v nice and feminine, and believe me, that is important at this point. That said, depending on how much scarring there is, her normal bra might be better and more supportive, so thats a ‘play by ear’ situation.
When I had surgery a couple of friends got me M&S vouchers instead of flowers and they were a great way to do it all nicely. Bravissimo do vouchers too, I believe, and lovely bras!
I hope all goes well for your sister and she makes a good recovery from all of this. She’s very lucky to have you and I’m sure she knows that
monica xx

Hi Kittyhola
Its lovely that you are ther to support your sis. Im kinda large cup and picked up a fabby sport bra for larger cups from Tesco-I think it was £4 or £6 and has excellent support and nice broad straps/back. Asda also do a lovely cotton bra which will take a prosthesis for £6- its best to look online for the lager sizes as the shops often stock smaller ranges.
Hope all goes well for her and keep strong.

Daisyleaf - you’ve brought tears to my eyes with such lovely comments and thanks for the suggestions too. And thank you Evertonbabe too- we are Evertonians so there’s a coincidence. I’m getting more of an idea about bras and tops for during radiotherapy so I think I’m well on the way with that but I’m not sure about next week. If she’s just got a wound site which I think is all we’re expecting then presumably she can wear her normal bra post op? What do you think ladies? Lovely to have your support, in last 2 days I’ve locked myself out the house and lost my house keys and I thought I was reasonable together!!! Love and hugs x

Hola Kitty!

Glad the ideas were useful. It can be a bit of a nightmare trying to see what works best. I due to have a reconstruction and am already thing about big pants/girdles and comfy bras!!
It also depends on the drains she might have, but a good normal wire free bra should be fine.
Dont be going for mishap No.3!!!

I know-I need to concentrate!! Keep well. sophie xx

I am as I type wearing my comfort bra from these people:


It is extremely soft and I could wear it over the mepilex dressings that I was covered in by the end of 7 weeks of rads. I am a DD cup and it enough support - but did take a while to arrive so if you are interested don’t leave it too late to order.

Hi my I started my rads yesterday and was supported by a friend who was once a rad therapist. What a godsend, I felt so relaxed.

She had a couple of very useful tips on this subject when it cropped up in discussions with the therapist - these might have been mentioned here before.

  1. Try not to wear a wired bra or if you do wear one that is more loosely fitted than before - apparently its the rubbing where the bra fits tightly against the movement area of the skin above that is the issue - this may happen anyway but can be alleviated by lining the bra contact area with a soft cotton handkerchief.
  2. Use baby talc in every area where skin touches skin or tight areas or the bra - it provides a slippery surface to prevent rubbing and wetness sores. Apparently this is particularly good in the armpit - so carrying a small bottle of talc in the handbag is a good idea. She suggested I decant some into a travel bottle for this purpose.

She also said that sports bras that have a seam in the contact area are not so good in her experience - it’s the additional rubbing caused by the seam apparently, but this can be smoothed with talc. She also recommended cotton clothing.

I’m off to get the talc this morning.

ive ben wearing crop top vests from bhs. I have double D cups.

I’ve never heard talc mentioned before and would certainly have used it if permitted, but I’ve only got two more sessions to go, so it could be too late a discovery for me. Did your friend specify any particular brand of talc greenfingers? They are so specific about the deodorant and cream that I’d assume the same for talc.

Personally I just go without a bra. My rad therapist suggested I go without when I can - well, I just decided that I *can* all the time. I’m a 36/38 E-F but find that by dressing carefully, its not a problem. I wear a cotton T-shirt for comfort, topped with a linen shirt for modesty - well, its more consideration to the general public who may not want to see my boobs gently undulating when I walk! ;o) I acknowledge that working from home makes it easier, but I haven’t felt it necessary to wear a bra since rads started, even when going out.

Debs x

Talc question - sorry I meant to say Johnsons baby talc only - the rest have metal in apparently. it does have some perfume but apparently that is OK.

I’d love to go without a bra as I used to on occasions before - but cannot. I still have some considerable discomfort and bruising from the haematoma I was left with after the re-excision of 7 weeks ago - despite the fact they operated again very shortly afterwards to resolve it it still hasn’t cleared. Frankly I’d rather wear my underwired bras that are so firm as they cut the pain factor by quite a margin - nowadays I find myself holding my boob up by hand without ever realising I’m doing it. But then again I’m 2 cup sizes smaller on the operated side so braless would look odd anyway, but with a bra does not [funny that].

Thanks for clarifying the talc question greenfingers. I asked my rad therapists today and both said that it used to be recommended but doesn’t seem to be anymore. They felt it was possibly because it was found to be causing skin to get too dry, particularly in the under-boob crevice, thus increasing the chances of the skin cracking. They didn’t seem concerned about its possible use, but they know I’m just about finished and am unlikely to be changing tack at this stage, so that may have been why.

Debs x