what treatment should I choose?

Hi all, just been reading through forums, had lumpectomy for DCIS 6 weeks ago, was told that a lump the size of a malteser was removed but further op was needed, had that 2 and a half weeks ago, went back today and was told lumps the size of smarties were removed but still no clear margins, was offered further lumpectomy or mx, would like to know which option to choose as not sure I can keep going through surgeries and the uncertainty this entails.

Hi Pearl47

I had a lumpectomy a year ago. My DCIS was 18mm, it was removed and had clear margins but unfortunetly 8mm was invasive cancer with grade 3 aggressive cells. I then had to have 6 lymph nodes removed for sampling because it was grade 3 cells these were clear.

I then had 6 FEC and 20 Rads and I am on Femara for 5 years. I think you need to talk to your breast nurse or surgeon for more advice before you can make your desicion, and i am sure that more of the ladies on here will be able to help you.

If there is any more I can help you with please let me know.

Love Anne xx

I had 16mm DCIS and sentinel lymph node removal 21.04, and today my consultant told me’ I have to have more taken out because the margin wasn’t wide enough.
I am fed up - my op scar had just healed nicely, seems unfair to disturb it again.

Hi FrootLoop

I also had to have a second WLE for DCIS as unclear margins on first attempt. This is very common as quite often there is no lump as such & the area can be larger than expected.

Rest assured my scar healed just as well as the first time,fractionally longer to allow access to the margins they needed. I took a little longer healing and needed 2 weeks off work. At second op the surgeon removed the rest & I now have great margins of 1cm all round.

Total DCIS was 2.3cm & due to age & family history I also ended up having Radiotherapy (March so all now finished & onto monitoring).

Take care; hope all goes well

Hi all again, last time I posted I was wondering whether to have a third lump taken or a mastectomy, I opted for the third lumpectomy , turns out there were no clear margins and I had a Mastectomy 21st June with a silicone implant, to be filled later, wound is extremely uncomfortable still and not healed, have had 2 doses of antibiotics, saw surgeon on friday and turns out there was a large lump of cancerous tissue which would never have been detected with a mamo, plastic surgeon says if wound does not heal the implant will have to come out, has anyone else been through this and what are the implications of finding cancerous tissue, will my other breast be affected.

Please help



sorry your wound has not healed properly and you have these compications on top of your worry about the cancer.

what did the surgeon say about what sort of cancer it was?? have you had your nodes tested???

Once they know what sort of cancer you have and wether it got to your nodes they know the likelyhood of it spreading to other parts of your body abd can plan your treatment. They will have all the statistics of the likely hood of you suddenly getting a cancer in the other breast(i dont think it spread from one breast to the other) or the likely hood of it trying to get to other parts of your body.

Modern tests and treatments nowadays are cancer specific, and it depends on what the cancer cells are like on what they have to do to stop it spreading.

Hi All,

I spoke to my bcn, my mx revealed a 7cm lump, my surgeon has not explained anything other than to say thats the end of the treatment and see you in a years time and apparently we were very lucky to have had a mx as this lump would not have been detected with a mammo, I have to have the implant taken out as the fill up nozzle has disappeared, this will be my 5th surgery in 6 months, am totally fed up, anyone else had such experience.

Hope to hear from you

5 surgeries in 6 months!! you must feel as if its never going to end. But its realy good news about the cancer not needing any more treatment. Once you are finally over the surgeries that will be it. Just annual check ups to see if you are still cancer free.

I hope the next operation goes well and that you can start to recover from that and get your life back again, not that its ever the same as before afer this roller coster ride, but it will be good to turn your back on the hospitals.