What was your lump felt like before diagnosis?

Hello, I’m new to the forum but I read most of the threads to find answers to my questions for a month now. Still full of questions. During this time I’ve found the most polite, caring and helpful community here, on this forum, compering to other websites.

This is my first post, hope it will go to the right place…

Can you please, describe the lump/lumps or mass you have found BEFORE diagnosed with BC?

Read many times that GP or consultant didn’t think there was anything sinister but later turnd out to be cancer. Just want to put my mind at ease as I’ve found hard, non mobile, tiny peasize lumps in both of my breasts. GP and specialist after phisical examinations said nothing to worry about but referred me and I am waiting to be seen at a breast clinic.


Thank you to any reply in advance.




Dear 1stfear

Welcome to the BCC forum.  I’m sure other members will soon be along to offer you some support and responses to your question.

I have attached a link to our publication about “Your breast clinic appointment”- it has some information about what to expect.


You could also contact our helpline to talk things over.  They will be able to offer you practical information and emotional support.  The opening times are 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays.  The number is 0808 800 6000

Very best wishes


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Hi there,

My ‘lump’ was like a large grape rolling under a table cloth. in my armpit. I swear it appeared overnight, I showered morn & night, and I am sure i would have noticed it before!  Weird description i know, but at first I thought it was bone as I had lost a bit of weight -  put that down to stress - now I wonder? I hope your appointment comes in quickly and the news is good.



Thanks for replies again.


My appointment is on the 29th May. I have seen my GP on the 7th April and she said she is refering me to a breast clinic. It wasn’t the case, a specialist checked me only “manualy” at a hospital 25days later. ( Worried to sick before hand and couldn’t believe that i am actually not being seen at a breast clinic at all on that day!!! More waiting then.) The specialist has now referred me to a hospital for a mammo, though she also said she will refer to a breast clinic… So there is a long wait ( 56sleeps) till i will get to seen by a radiologist.


Sorry for coming here to moan. I am a full time mum ( mum of 4), no friends, I am from abroad so no family either near me to talk to, husband doesn’t take me seriously…


Thanks for both of your replies! x x


Hi 1stfear

Understandable the way you are feeling. It does seem a long time to wait. I am quite happy to help you in anyway I can. That will be the case for all ladies on this forum. Don’t think that you are moaning just looking for answers and support. Keep posting on the forum to let us know how you are getting on. Look after yourself.

Take Care
Angie. X

Hello i am in the same situation as you. A few times i woke up and found that i had had liquid seep from my nipple in the night and my breass were quiee sore.It has been 2 and a half years since i breast fed my son so surely the milk has dried up. Then i started to have itchy breasts and then my nipple was stinging really bad so much that i thought it might be bleeding. But i began to worry and so when i got home i checked and looked up how to self examine. After self examination i found a rather large lump which was “grape” sized but really hard in the top of my left breast, the glads in my armpit also feel swollen. I am waiing for an appointment but ever since i found the lump ive felt sick and ive not been able to sleep much. Is there any possibilty that it could be something other than cancer?

Hello, just a quick update in case anyone following this thread…


I had my mammogram done yesterday and everything went so fast and i found myself back in the car realising that I DID NOT( !!!) ask the mammographer wether she saw anythig suspicious. I don’t know what made me to leave the room whitout asking my well rehearsed questions. I also wanted to ask if i could look at the images… AAArgh, I’m so angry! That’s it, waiting again with no clue. All I know that where I had the most scariest lump I could feel somewhat pain and could feel the shape of it under the plates of the mammogram.

I didn’t get to seen in a breast clinic, it was happening in a hospital. I know to get the results will take about 2weeks, but does it work in reality? Did anyone get their results back in this 2weeks timeframe who was seen at a hospital, not at a breast clinic?


Thanks to anyone would reply.

Hi 1stfear.


I am sorry I can’t answer your questions about the hospital but I completely get your frustration at walking out without asking the questions.


you decide in advance what you really want to know but when you are at your appointment it just goes.  It’s the only time I could say my fight or flight response was so strong. For me I had to keep it together just stay in the seat and not run out the door. Write down your questions for your next appointment.  Check your list before you leave,


if they said you will get your results in two weeks then you should get them then. I think everyone who looks after us knows the terror we all feel waiting. 


fingers crossed for you





I’ve got my mammogram results today, it has been reported as normal and there is no further follow up needed. Happy, but in the other hand I don’t understand how they are not investigating further.


The lump/s are still there and now I have a slight dimple on the worrysome left brest and also my left armpit become puffy and different from the other one so still worried.


Is it a right thing to go back to my GP and ask for ultrasound and biopsy or do I have to contact my consultant instead? Which is the best way? I don’t want to be brushed off. Can they refuse my request?



Thanks for any reply. x