What will I be asked at the Breast Clinic

I have my appointment on the 9th February - will they ask me about family history of illnesses? I don’t really know too much abotu the family.

And will they ask me much about the lump I have? I haven’t really been paying attention to it as I haven’t wanted to touch it.

Sorry if I sound silly x

You don’t sound silly…this is all unknown territory to you.

I’m not based in the UK but it’s likely they will ask about history of breast cancer in the family. I didn’t know much either but there’s not much they can do about that other than accept it.

They might ask how you came to find the lump. I was asked that. Have you had a mammo and biopsy yet? They will want to touch it and probably do an ultrasound. I was also asked about my menstrual history and pregnancies etc.

Try not to worry about it…easier said than done I know…and good luck with the appointment.


Thanks very much Macc, much appreciated!x

Hi Claire - in the past I have rceived a questionaire when I got my appointment letter which I had to take with me. It asked about periods, medical history and yes, family history, nut don’t worry too much about that. It might be nice to have someone with you when you go for your appointment as there is often a lot of waiting around especially between test as mentioned by Macc. Perhaps you could telephone the clinic and ask to spek to a breast care nurse about any worries you have or even the BCC helpline. Good luck and try not to worry too much. Marli.x