What would you do?

Hi all,

I have a dilemma, and you lovely ladies are so good I thought I would ask your advice.

I am on holiday in beautiful Pembrokeshire this week - our first chance for a getaway since my DX, MX etc etc. It was all a bit last minute as we needed a chemo window but we have been desperate to take our son away and have some family time.

Anyway here is the dilemma: I am halfway through my 6 rounds of EC and had a scan on Monday to check my liver tumour. With no appointments through from the hospital I assumed I would get the results when I see my onc on the 24th. However today, the first full day of our holiday, I get a call from her secretary asking if I could come in this afternoon! I explained I was away and she said it was just that the MRI results were back early and that it was probably fine to leave it until next week, although she did ask when we got back. I burst into tears as soon as the call was over as I can’t believe its going to be good news. Now I don’t know whether to ring back and see if my onc will talk to me over the phone, which she might not, and risk spoiling our holiday if its bad news, or to just get on and enjoy our holiday but have it hanging over me for the next week?

I always get the results of my scans from my BCN, over the phone and before my onc appt.
Could you do that? Might spoil your holiday, hopefully not but I couldn’t wait. On the other hand your holiday could distract you enough to wait!
I wouldn’t think a week is really going to make much difference to any treatment plans.
I have recently been diagnosed with progression after 4 yrs on letrozole and due to reduced clinics and the fact we are off to Majorca next week I’m not seeing the onc until 29th Sept.

If it were me, I’d carry on with my holiday, one week won’t make a difference. My hospital never give results over the phone though. It’s a hard decision but this week has particularly good weather and just having time out with your family is good therapy. Thinking of you whatever you decide x

Ellie…enjoy your week in beautiful Pembrokeshire. As the others have said. …nothing will change in a week. Have a lovely time with your family. Thats what’s important. Love bev xxx

So glad you have decided to leave it EJ. Everything can wait. Have a lovely family time. X