what you say on hear is pick up by google

I know that everybody probably knows this about google, but my daughter has unusal name and when she typed her name in google it came up with a comment i made on here about children’s names. I thought this was supposed to be private and we could say what we want within reason i didn’t expect it to be public.

just looked at the name of my thread …meant here and picked ha ha sorry my brains not normal

I have known this about this site for some time so am very careful.It doesnt happen with the other site.

They don’t recommend you give personal information away on here, so it’s wise to use nicknames for people, or just first names (although I guess you’re saying your daughter has a very unusual first name).

Even though you do need a login to post the information posted here is crawled by google which will help people find this site and some of those will be fellow BC sufferers so I for one wouldn’t want them to change that, plus being a online application designer I can say for certain that you shouldn’t trust web sites with really personal information without knowing an awful lot about them, eg yes sure you should trust your banks online banking but because the people who build forum software don’t have the same pressure on them as say a bank you should be careful what you say even if they claim a site is secure as occasionally things do leak out that shouldn’t (like governments do lose peoples data etc, it’s an accident but it happens).

I believe you should be able to edit your comment and change your daughters name so something else, eg my daughter, in time google will revisit the site and will become aware of the change, takes a while though and there’s nothing the moderators here can do about what google’s got for now.

Hope this helps


Hi All,

Angie is right, please do be careful when posting personal information on the ‘open’ forum as BCC’s website is accessible to all. If you do wish to post personal information then please do use the private message facility. If anyone has problems using the private message facility let us know and we’ll gladly help.

As Angie has said if anyone wishes to amend any information they have previously posted, if you can remember the thread where it is then just click the ‘edit’ button on the right had side of the offending post and make your amendment. Alternatively use the ‘search’ facility at the top of the page to help locate the offending post.

Hope this helps clarify things. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator.

Yes this is part of the worldwide web and anythign can be picked up.

I’m fine with this and wouldn’t want BCC to be a ‘private’ site…but I am sometimes amazed at the personal information people write on here. I don’t anonymise mysefl but am always careful not to refer to friends or relatives or partner etc in anything other than the most oblique way…even when telling anecdotes about other people I slightly change the detail.

The ‘other’ site horace refers to won’t be picked up on a google serach but with hundreds of members no one can ever be sure that someone won’t take personal stuff elsewhere on the internet.


thanks for that everyone, i should have know anyway… but I will think twice before moaning about anyone. Good job i didn’t say anything bad about my daughter, not that i would ha ha