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This is hysterical - ChristineMH posted it last year but it got lost. I found it when I tried to psot without my glasses on and went nto the archive by mistake … every cloud …

anyway - i just loved the pants - not to mention the socks - take look - perhaps we could vote on our favortite??? Iam going to have a proper look before i decide - it really depends on whether you just go for the body appeal or discount the choice of socks and pants … you’ll see what I mean

Well one Christine! Shame it wasn’t bumped!!!

take a look!
love FizBix xxx

**** below is Christine’s posting **** … :slight_smile:

From Der Spiegel Online. The title is:
“Italian Doctors Strip to Reveal Funding Shortfalls”

Basically they are doing a calendar in their underwear to raise money.

I will warn you that these oncologists are far from Italian stallions (so don’t get your hopes up) but the calendar is funny.

Since we are not allowed to post links, just paste the title into google and it should come up.

My faves are :

picture 2 - the on ein the front is quite nnice but the drill put be off

the one in the bakgound isnot bad at all but not a good picture

picture 7 - RHS looking down microscope

but I have to say that although he is older and a bit old fashioned for me I do think that number 8 and number 10 looks like a very kind lovely man! … on the other hand the camera may just love him …

cheers FB xxx

sorry abut he typin g- it;s the chemo - (just showing off as FINALLY HAD IT !!!) thanks goodnes for that!

Fantastic…made me laugh! I am glad my onc is a woman!!!
By the way copy and pasting into google does work!

Photo 5/10 is wonderful…lol


I agree - it helps if you think of them speaking with Italian accents … I’ll have to buy my OH the stripy pants in #4 - they are truely wonderful - I’ll never see a doctor in the same light again!

FB xxx

thanks for the laugh!!!

Hilarious, the first pic dr on the right yum

The guy at the back with the y fronts on not sure what pic, omg made me laugh



brill - what a laugh - thankfully my surgeon kept his clothes on!!!


brilliant. made my day. the guy holding the calendar 10-10 just looks like my consultant.

It is not so much the guys I am looking at as the variance in underwear. Fave pants are on the guy inthe background of number one

Louise x

no def number two they go so well with the rubber clogs.

And it’s really nice photography, that did make me chuckle… boxers vs briefs… brill

Very good

Dr Santangelo (no 8) seems to have no pants on at all…

lovely, thank you Fiz - I will look upon my own OH with even more pleasure now!

td x