What's in a name....

I am intrigued by the names we use. Some are so clever they tell us straight away the type of person writing. Others are more puzzling. Mine, naunamh, was thought up by my grandchildren
NAUghty NAnny Margaret H initial of surname.
A kind way of saying they think I’m eccentric.

Anyone else care to explain.


My name comes from the slang word for people from Liverpool Scouse(r) and i’m a nana
Love the fact your grandchildren named you… it’s so sweet

Jean xx

I am thinking of changing mine to something more appropriate that tells you straight away what sort of person I am. So if you see “Grumpyoldbag” come up one day, it may well be me! I wished that I had thought of something more clever and less obvious but was too eager to join forum to think of one!

i used the name vodka because the first thing i did when i was diagnosed with bc was to have a large vodka when i came home, when i was registering with this site i saw the bottle and thought i’d use that name. i have tried to change it but with little success.

My name is my initials and the kisses are there cos my daughter once told me off for not putting kisses on the end of a text I sent her so now we always have kisses.


My screen name is one I’ve used in various clubs/forums in the past - lilac is my favourite colour and blushes was added just because.

Think mine is obvious !!!

well, there is nothing obvious about my name
the one I choose was taken
this was 2nd best…thought up on the spot
but is not even remotely who I am


Vodka and Emily-Jane , what name would you have chosen?

Hi naunamh,

i can’t remember the name i tried to change to but it was better than calling myself vodka. i contacted the moderator and they said it was ok to change but i still had probs doing so. i would still love to change my name.

so glad you started this thread, because I have wondered what the names stand for too. Like Cathy, I was too keen to join to sit thinking of something appropriate, so just put my name (debbie) and year I was born. boring i know! I was going to use ‘flash’ as its a nickname my OH calls me : I had a hip replacement 14 years ago, so therefore, I am not too fast on the old pins! His way of keeping the humour. I was put off as I thought people would keep asking why that name.
look forward to reading the replies
deb x

I can’t imagine what Emily Jane’ first choice was? Miss Whiplash!!?? perhaps? (Only joking EJ)!

Cathy after reading your comments on this and other threads am thinking you are a very nice but naughty lady!

Hi there,

Yes, you are right!! I have to admit, some of these threads bring out the “inner child” in me. I get so fed up being sensible and mature all the time and also all the pain and hassle that goes with BC, that these are a blooming good relief! And the fact that no-one can see that I am a middle-aged frumpy mother of two makes it all the more fun. My sons would have a fit!!

your sons will be proud of you - especially after your tirade in DDI the other night ha ha !!

hi all

Mine is …

Fizzy - after one pet
Biscuit - after the other one

someone did ask me if I was if i had chosen it because i am Fizzy and Busy!!! … I wish …! … well on a good day I am busy and try to be fizzy anyway …

this was second choice - I did fancy FeeBee - from their initials - but this had gone - presumably to a Phoebe …

I’ve kinda got used to FizBix now - although I get a lot of FizBiz … and I have trouble spellingit when i log in - it’s difficult to get your fingers round when you type it …

so … Mary … what’s the “frod” ???

ove FizBix xxx

PS AJXXX - I thought you were XXX for triple strength or something!
PPS naunamh - I thought you were very exotic until I relised you were called Margaret - not that Maraget isn’t exotic you understand!

Hi Fiz
Start of my surname- when I joined I didn’t realise that I should disguise myself!!

Fizbiix have for the first time entered the Dew Drop Inn perhaps I’ll find exotic there.

I use part of my cat’s pedigree name cos the ones I wanted were taken and as so often I turned to the cat in frustration!

Never could keep a secret always wanted to be a katie!!

Kay is so plain!! Mixed them together xx