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hi im just having radiotherapy i have 6 left and wondered what happens next im starting to feel alone after having consant attention since being diagnosed last year ive had a masectomy then chemo and i know after the radiotherapy finishes there’s only the tablets left i know i should be happy its all coming to an end and i should be getting my life back to normal but what happens next? should i get some sort of check up from the doctors or am i left to get on with it

Hi Tasha
I was dx Nov last year have had wle, snb, chemo and rads. Treatment finished 15th July and I am on tam for the next five years, I have just received my letter to see onc in two weeks time. As far as I can gather he will sign me off from treatment and I will have an appointment with surgeon and yearly mammos. I agree with what you are saying about feeling alone as I was the same, I think it’s because we spend so much time attending appointments and hospital for treatment and then it’s all over.
Lizz xx

Nory you see your clinical oncologist about 4-8 weeks after the end of rads and you may still have a follow up with your medical oncologist although mine discharged ne before I’d even had my last Chemo.

You are normally reviews on annual basis by your surgeon around a year after surgery so that usually is only a few months after your last Onc appt. You normally get examined and have a mammogram of the remaining breast. Appointments after this are usually annually for 5 years although some trust only fo a Mammo every other year. Obviously if you have any worries or symptoms or just want to talk to your onc or surgeon about your treatment or other issues then they will see you before then. Use your bcn as a point of contact.

If your recon was done by a plastic surgeon you may have follow up appointments with him or can ask to be referred to him for formation of nipple and tattooing.

There is good website about dealing with life after cancer from the the cancer counselling society or something like that. I’ll see if I can find it I’m on my phone at the mo so maybe somebody else can find or I’ll post it later.

Lulu xx

I was also told by my GP that they’re only allowed to prescribe two months’ worth of Tamoxifen at a time, presumably so they can have the opportunity to review things with their patients. Though of course with repeat prescriptions being more or less automatic in most doctors’ surgeries I think it’s up to the patient to make the GP appointment (if you can get one!) rather than the GP doing the chasing. What I’m trying to say is, you have your GP every couple of months if you want that.

My oncologist said that its usually after radiotherapy has finished that the whole enormity of what you have been through hits you. Until then you are living between treatments and hospital appointments and all of a sudden, treatment ends and you have time to reflect on what has happened over the past few months.
I’ve only just started rads today so I haven’t got to that point yet. I have been told that they will see me every 6 months to check how I’m getting on with Tamoxifen etc.

Of course, you’re never alone while this site is up and running. There’s always someone to speak to.

Talking of Tamoxifen, I was only given 28 days dose by the hospital. Does anyone know if I order more via the doctors or the hospital? I haven’t been given another appointment to see the Onc yet so I don’t know when the next one will be.

"Talking of Tamoxifen, I was only given 28 days dose by the hospital. Does anyone know if I order more via the doctors or the hospital? I haven’t been given another appointment to see the Onc yet so I don’t know when the next one will be. "

Same here. I assumed that the hospital would tell my GP to prescribe it, but I tought I’d better check! In the event my GP phoned me when she heard about my diagnosis and sorted out the Tamoxifen on an automatic repeat straight away.

Hi there,

I know exactly how you all feel. I finished my rads at the beg May and the huge realisation of what has been happening hit me a few months ago. I am still have Herceptin so still have contact with the chemo nurses and onc (every 4-5 months) but now is definately the time when I am getting scared of the future.

I don’t know if this is how things will be or will it get easier? My first mammogram is in mid Oct so getting a bit scared of that (and the fact my breast is tender and swollen, think due to the rads!).

Emma x

this was the article i mentioned earlier… the cancer counselling trust has now closed i think but you can save the document to your PC… there are other documents too but this is the only one on after your treatment ends…


Lulu x

Just managed to read the above article (see link). Thanks Lulu for that - it was very interesting and worth reading if you are near or at the end of treatment.

Thanks again.


I read this with interest as I am TN and had my last chemo this Tuesday so no tablets or further treatment for me!! Saw onc’s side kick who didn’t really say anything and just told me to make an appointment on my way out for 3 months time to see onc! I feel it was a bit like “Bye then shut the door on your way out” Feel abit lost if truth be known. I am wondering do I still need to take temp and get in touch if it goes up as I have really sore mouth and abouth 8 mouth ulcers and temp is creeping up not sure what should?

Have read the link Lulu thanks for posting that and have printed it off


I agree with the now what and does anyone care out there? It’s a roller coaster of ups and downs and appointments and treatments and everyone ‘in your face’ and then suddenly it’s like leaving home and living on your own… it sucks!!