What's your ratio?

Just wondered, as one does of a Friday afternoon, what everyone reckons their read:post ratio is?

For myself, I think for every 10-12 threads I look at, I might make one comment.

How about other people?



I think mines about the same, although maybe I read more,15-20 to every post I make. There are several threads I enjoy reading regularly but never post on.

I read lots of posts and have followed many stories from the wings as they say, very rarely post except on chit chat

I used to read and not post now I post. As I got used to peoples names and kept up with their post I got the bug an now I am an addict.
Love Debsxxxx

I read to see how people are doing but very rarely post. I’m in that middle ground, 18 months since dx, 6 months since rads finished but feeling as though ‘I’ve not finished with the beast’. Feel as though I’ve nothing to contribute at the moment. My ‘chemo buddy’ died earlier this year and feel as though I’m intruding on other threads.
Have become a cancer buddy locally and finds that helps.


depends on my mood and what people are posting about… some i like to read and some i like to post and some i dont want to read because they dont relate to me or because they scare me.

and some threads are just so long that i just dont want to start reading them or i start but dont want to post about something on page 20 when there are 70 more pages to scroll through but last few pges are talkking about something else and dont relate to me.

it would be good if we had a function to view all our own post without having to remember to save them.

it would also be useful if we could have a function which took us to the last post we had read rather than the first or last page of a thread.

and finally it would be good if there was a function where we could click on a persons profile so we could read the posts that a certain person has posted or replied to as some people i feel id like to read more of what they have to say.

anyway that my tuppence worth or maybe its a bit more than that lOL


i quite often read posts and then forget which one’s i have read or indeed which one’s i might have posted on, then i’ve got to go through them all from top to bottom to see where i am, so i think it woiuld be a good idea to be able to click on our own posts, then we would know where we were.

lulu - if you click on forums then advanced search - enter the name of the person in the author box… then click on search at the bottom… it will show every post by someone… and you can also do it to find threads where you have posted yourself… you can use it to go to the thread itself - or that particular post…



I post regularly and read a lot more. Some of the threads I read with great interest but don’t post on as that seems intrusive. I agree with Lulu it would be great to log on and just start at the last read post on a thread. Once my treatment is finished and I am back into the world of full time employment I expect to post less but I will always look at the site as its been a real comfort to me.