when can I dye my hair and with what

Hi having finally got to the end of treatment and a very long haul, my hair is growing back, and wonder if anyone knows when I can start dying my hair and if so is there an “approved” dye I should be using to start with?

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Hi , I dyed my hair after a few weeks with a nice and easy. Had no problems. Try testing a small area first, I didn’t but then I never have in the 45 years since I have been dyeing my hair. My hair is at the scary sticky out phase at the moment so I do it a kind of very light brown but as soon as it is longer I am going to bleach it blonde again. Not advising anybody to do the same only telling you what I did. Love Eileen

Hi Ruffyp

Our booklet ‘Breast cancer and hair loss’ contains some information abour colouring your hair and you can read it via the following link:


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Hi Ruffyp,
I coloured my hair with a naturetint dye that I got from Holland and Barrett, very gentle apparently. I did this 8 weeks after my last chemo.
I have just coloured my hair again with a semi-perm botanics dye (now 4 months post chemo) - I have had no problems whatsoever!

I died my hair as soon as I had enough to die it I used nice and easy number 98 the lightest blonde and it looks great I finished chemo last July and have used this dye 3 times since. I had a trim last week and now I am so pleased with how my hair looks now. I hope when you do dye it it looks good. I will say this to you as soon as I got mine back to the colour I was used to it did give me a great lift. I started doing all my makeup again and getting my eye brows waxed again. I do feel pretty much back to normal again. Love Linda xx

I finished chemo in July 07, and as soon as my hair was just a bit longer than a fuzz I couldn’t stand it any more and dyed it! I used Herbal Essences extra blond, and my hair is now in such good condition, so it didn’t seem to do any harm, but it did wonders for my self-esteem, which, lets face it, when youv’e lost your breast, hair and nails, does take a BIt of a tumble… Love Annie

Hi all,
I feel soooooo jealous!!!- I had my last chemo 22 Nov and I dont have hardly any hair yet. I’m sick of this scarf!!! + my wig’s too hot and itchy. All I’ve got is a bit of bum fluff above the ears!!! My husband calls me a munchkin!!!

I’ve been dying my hair since my first post chemo appointment when the onc told me it was ok to do so.I use Naturtint which is resorcinalfree.It does a great job in covering the grey and looks very natural.I wish I had known about it years ago!