When can I expect next mammogram and scan?

I am seeing my surgeon this week for the first time since I started Tamoxifen
Can anyone tell me what to expect? Will I have abother mammogram or scan?
I am getting a constant pain in my shoulder and don’t know whether it’s old ager or radiotherapy related.

Hi Gill,
I too am seeing the surgeon for the first time this week ( Fri). I was dx xmas 06, had lumpectomy Jan, then rads and tamoxifen. I was told I wouldn’t get any mammograms, scans or bloodtests for a year (don’t know if thats a year from dx or from end of treatment) as in that year they can throw up wrong results. On Fri I think it’s just a chat and a physical examination. Different health authorities perhaps do different things though. Anyway hope you go on alright.
Shorty xx