when can i go back to wearing my normal bra

I had my recon in April does anyone know when i will be able to
wear my underwire bra’s xx

And what sort of recon did you have?
Have you spoken to your PS about this?
Hope all is going well with your recovery J

I had my recon at the end of April and I don’t think I will ever go back to wearing underwired bras. I prefer the soft stretchy ones now.

Hi, I was told after one year!
I had my recon in June and have just been told I can now wear normal non underwired bras as long as they still support me (Im only small breasted).
I have an appointment with my surgeon Wednesday, I will ask him and post again.


I was told 6 months, but in the end waited a year… it was so nice to have pretty bras again, that said I still revert to my sport bras for every day!

I asked my surgeon and they said I can go back to wearing an underwired bra after 6 months :slight_smile:
I had the TUG recon.

Hi Auntiewendy


I had a DIEP reconstruction in April 2012 and I am still not able to wear my  old ‘normal’ bras.  My shape has changed and underwired doesn’t work anymore.  Royce do a lovely non-wired selection of bras specifically for reconstructed breasts.  They have their own website, but our local BHS sells and fits them too.


Hope this helps.


Mandy x