Can anyone advise when it would be o.k to colour your hair. I have finished chemo 10 weeks ago and have 3 more sessions of radiotherapy. (I had stage 3 breast cancer).


My hair came back strong,thick- and white! I coloured it using Naturtint which I got from Holland & Barrtlett about 3mths after my last chemo.It looked great!


I used an organic, no chemicals dye during chemo as my hair was growing fast on cmf and i looked like a badger.LOL. I did it again recently, just after rads. I bought mine from Sainsbury, no ammonia, no chemicals and it was just over £6 but that did both times. I think using bleach would be the one to take care about but I am sure others would disagree. the organic one was with medical approval.It really makes your hair block together and cover better.

I was told no permanent hair colourants for 6 months after chemo has finished. Your hair is not strong enough to take the chemicals. However I was advised I could use semi-permanent or natural colourants which I did. I didn’t like the ‘natural’ ones but used Toners - 50p a sachet and you get around 3 uses from them. I am now 7 months on and my hair is fine although is still naturally white without the colouring and is now curly where it was dead straight before treatment…

hi everyone I finished chemo mid september 2008 my hair is almost salt and pepper in colour whereas it used to be blonde went to see the hairdresser who was prepared to tint it for me my hair is quite strong so not worried about that but has anyone else coloured it and what was the result feel very anxious but dont want to look like this anymore thanks best wishes suzan x

I finished my treatment [except for tamoxifen] in August 04…my I had coloured my hair for years before…after chemo it came back thicker and darker but with a grey streak at the front…the grey has increased…last november I decided to put a semi-permenant hair colour on it…used the colour I’d used years before…because I hadn’t coloured my hair for so long it took really quickly…and I hated it…was supposed to wash out in 24 washes…I wash my hair everyday…it is now February and the last traces of colour have just about gone.
I never thought I’d be so glad to see my grey again lol !!!

Hi Suzan

If it’s of any help, I just had my hair coloured by my hairdresser on Friday. I finished chemo in August and waited 6 months … it was all okay and I’m leaping around with joy to see me back again. I had highlights put in - just a bit lighter than I used to have. My next appointment for April is already booked!

Go for it!


Before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my hair was regularly coloured with permanent dye by my hairdresser. When can I can colour my hair again was one of the first questions I asked my specialist nurse during chemotherapy. My hair is naturally curly and thick, I didn’t lose much after the first treatment and I wasn’t unhappy at it being grey, some people thought it suited me, but it made me feel older. I was told by the nurse that I would not be able to use a permanent dye on my hair safely for another 6 months following chemo., because ammonia/peroxide could cause damage to the hair and its rootfollowing treatment. I was advised to use a shampoo in hair colour that contained no peroxide or ammonia, found one make that was excellent and not expensive by Clairol - no ammonia/peroxide, washes out after 6 weeks, it was excellent for me and my hairdresser put it on for me as it is very messy and has the consistency of liquid tar! I am now one year and three months post surgery, my hair is more curly, in great condition, and coloured regularly as before.

my cemo has finished and my hair is 1/3 less now very fine but still there thicker in parts than others dont like my wig as it makes me hot and moves about so i cant wait to dye my roots as the blonde now stops at the tops of my ears and roots from there up so I shall try organic after reading tips on this site. best wishes to all