when can you fly after surgery?

anyone know how long you have to wait after mastectomy and recon using the diep flap option before you can fly ( short haul) ??? wondering if I can spend some of my recovery in a sunnier clime…

I like the way you think Jenny - a woman after my own heart.

Sorry, but I don’t know as i have yet to have the recon surgery. When i had my mx I started chemo 4 weeks later so no chance of a trip. But, after the mx, I still kept o getting fluid so had to keep on going back to hospital to get it drained - at a guess you won’t be able to go for at least 2-3 weeks - but do ask the doc’s.

Hi Jenny

I havev spoken to one of our nurses about this. She tells me flying is not usually a problem in your circumstances but suggests you speak to your health team just to make sure.

Best wishes


I asked my PS before I had the op if I would be able to fly and he said there would be no problem, although obviously check with him/her direct. In the end I didn’t go, but there was no op-related reason not to. I found the abdominal wound the most sore and so this might be a problem in the aircraft itself, but if you can walk around a bit it should be ok. Speak to the PS or Reg him/herself not the plastics nurses as one of the problems I had was that I was given generic information as if I had had a TRAM flap, whereas I had only had a DIEP and so I felt the info was ‘over the top’ and non-specific. Having said that, you want the best recovery possible, but I can’t see how it would cause a problem. Also, you won’t know until after the op whether or not you have had to have a modified TRAM rather than just a DIEP, so double check with your PS. Hope it goes really well and you manage to get away. I was SO impressed with my op - Mx and immediate DIEP on 10 July this year, wearing a bikini in Cornwall on 24 August!

That sunnier clime wouldn’t be Tunisia by any chance…! lol

What a fantastic idea, if anyone can bring a smile to your face and aid your recovery, Mr Tunisia is certainly that person. I am glad to see you are now thinking past your surgery hunny and making plans for the future.

Jules xx

Hi Jenny
I recently had a radical nephrectomy, quite major sugery, and the surgeon said i could fly after 6 weeks. It will be 6 weeks tomorrow
and I fly to Palma Tuesday to go on a cruise. I took his advice literally lol.
Enjoy that sunnier climate!
Best wishes
Ann x

ha ha - these are all positive responses and yes Jules… I kind of think a bit of Tunisia might go a long way to aid recovery PLUS its something to aim for and look forward to isnt it?

Hi Jenny

I had DIEP surgery in March and flew to France under a month later.

PS was fine with this…as long as I wore my gorgeous TED stockings which I’d had to wear for surgery and post op - very glam!

Good luck and bon voyage!!

Lizzie xx

Oh absolutely 100 per cent agree with you there. The fact you are thinking about going there and doing things AFTER surgery is such a good sign. I think its a brilliant idea, and something you should do.

Why don’t you have a look at hotels etc. this week and maybe have a date in mind. This will give you a goal and such a boost to think that in a few weeks time, it will all be over and you will be sipping cocktails under the moon with that delicious man of yours lol yummy lol

Jules xxxxx