When cancer spreads to the brain....

Interesting article from the LA Times - knowledge is increasing all the time.


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Interesting article,but maybe it should be worrying that they don’t seem to know the difference betwwen a brain and a chest
Photo: A doctor stands by images of a CT scan showing a brain with cancer. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times.

Thats a chest CT!

Anyway lets hope the new techniques are as successful as hoped and available for all


Good spotting, dot!

Hopefully someone has just pulled a pic from the paper’s cancer arhives without checking it properly - or perhaps it had been wrongly
categorized in the first place…

Hmm…editors or sub-editors are supposed to pick up that kind of mistake, tho’ aren’t they?

Yes, it definitely sounds like progress is being made in this area. Let’s hope, as you say, that it quickly becomes standard practice everywhere.



Hi everyone,

just to follow on this , steriotactic brain surgery is carried out at Hope Hospital salford, dont know of anywhere else yet that is licenced to carry it out.

love to allxx

Hi Dot, I know this is a serious thread but you made me giggle when I read about the brain scan that wasn’t. Thanks for your imput and your expertise in the field. I did chuckle! Love Val

This is a great treatment and can be done in the same spot more than once.
There is St Barts in London and a hospital in Sheffield.
There are are no nasty side effects and treatment can done in the same place more than once.
It is .5mm accurate and can take between 6weeks to 3 months to be effective.
Not all Oncologists know about this treatment and there is usually funding within the trusts for this type of treatment.

I had ‘Gamma Knife Surgery’ done three months ago to two brain tumors and on my last scan they had gone.


Hi, Just thoughtI would butt in. My best friend works at the Sheffield hospital as a Steriotactic radiographer and uses the Gamma knife and it has a very high success rate.
Love Lesley x