When Chemo dosnt work

Hi all

I have had 3 cycles with Epirubicin, and became very breathless (lung mets).  I had fluid drown from my lung (1 litre), and on asking if it was not working, was told it was not.

I am now about to start another 6 cycles, this time with Paclitaxel  (Taxol).   Just wondered had anyone else has had this experience.


Oh, and as if that was not enough, my daughter has just been diagnosed with primary BC.  She is 42 and they have just had their beautiful baby (8 months old).  She is it have a mamoplasty, followed by Chemo and Radiotherapy (although the decision on Chemo will be made after the operation).


My Onc said she will have me tested to see if I have the faulty gene.


Best wishes

Sandy x


Sandy, so very, very sorry to read about your daughter’s diagnosis, something all us Mum’s worry about. Hope her treatment is a great success. X
It’s so disheartening when you put up with all sorts of chemo cr** and then find out it’s just not working. I’ve just finished Paclitaxel, there’s a thread in the treatments and medical forum about it. Hope it works really well for you. Take care, daughter too. X X