I’ve got 7 RADS OF 20 to go now and not started on Tamoxifen.
I meant to ask my consultant the other day and forgot!!

When has everyone else started taking it?

(Not that I want to BTW :wink: Would like a period of normality first but looks like I won’t get what I want)


There was a discussion about this recently.


Looks like it varies quite a bit.

Hiya I started Tamoxifen as soon as I got results from biopsy that it was hormone receptive, that was on 25th July, on august 24th had my MX and one week today I will start chemo, not sure if I have to stop it while on chemo but guess I will find that out.
What I have noticed is that everyone on here is being treated slightly differently, and I am thinking why am I not having this or this? Its all very confusing I just hope the Doctors know what their doing!! (I’m sure they do)

Hi girls,
I started my Tamoxifen 4 weeks post chemo which was just when I started rads. It is strange how differently we are all treated, however they tailor each treatment to suit each individual.
Tamoxifen hasnt been to bad to far and ive been on it for nearly three months. Just a few hot flushes which tend to be worse when I’m due on my period and if I get to tired I get nausea. I take it at night so I sleep off most of the side effects. I tried to take it in the morning once and felt rough all day…and I’m still having periods!!! lol whats that all about!


I started mine 3 weeks after surgery. I take it in the morning so that i can remember! Also nights have been better without it close to bed time.

Carolyn x

I started mine two weeks post chemo. I’d already had an MX and am not having rads. I can’t bear the hot flushes.

different for everyone then is what I’ve surmised, should have known this really :wink:

I won’t worry too much.

I’m going to start today after being told i’ve had my last surgery.


I started Tamoxifen the day after my last Radiotherapy as advised by my Oncologist!

Weird how we are all told different times etc…

Donna xx

I started after I had results of surgery sontool it while having rads but had to stop during chemo when I got a new primary and restarted again afterwards and will need to stop again when I start Chemo for my recurrence.

Increased risk of clots from tamox and increased risk of clots from Chemo and inactivity so they don’t what you having both together. But rads does not increase risk of clots so it’s ok to have it while have rads.

Lulu xxx


I started Tamoxifen a month after finishing chemo just before rads started, was on it for 2 months with no real probs when it was discovered that i had a blood clot in collar bone area from either chemo or picc line (or both) have now been put on a combination of Zoladex & letrazole & desperately trying to find info on its use in pre menopausal woman as to its effectiveness against Tamoxifen but not having much luck.


I started my tamoxifin last May, one month after my last chemo session.

I suffered with the flushes to begin with, but now tolerate it quite well.

All the best.

Naz x

I start tamoxifen tomorrow, 4 weeks post chemo and will be on 2/15 rads - only stopping herceptin whilst on Rads.

Think it really is different for everyone. I had surgery then chemo, then more surgery then rads. I started tamoxifen after my 2nd surgery and just before rads started