When Did You Get Your First Haricut

Hi Girls

I am just wondering when you ladies out there had your first haircut after your hair grows back.

I have got about an inch or two of very wavy thick hair and it is coming to the stage where i think it will need a trim.

Is there anyone out there who has any ideas for a funky hair doo.

I could do with a trendy cut to make me feel a bit younger as i am 42 and feel about 70 some days as you will sympathise with.

Any ideas would be appreciated

luv JanW

hiyah jan. ive just had my hair cut. my daughter is a trainee hairdresser, and she was practising on me!1 she made a really good job of it , my hair came back curly!! it was long and straight before chemo, and i lost it again after my second course, so i was glad when it grew back, she did it in a sharon osbourne cut really funkey i was worried about losing more of it as it had just grown back but im glad i had it done as its really made me feel better about how i look. im 57! so i would go ahead , have some flash highlights put in , ive got red streaks !! lovely!

hi Jan, mine grew back mixed grey and wavy, my hairdresser loved it. I kept it v short for a year before i was ready to let it grow, have it coloured and turn into a new me. I felt that everytime I looked into the mirror was a reminder of why it was like that.

I know that some don’t feel that way, but for me it was a constant reminder, bad enough when I catch sight of myself in the nudie! Two seperate types of op.(WLE on one side, masectomy and reconstruction on the other) has left me with odd boobs :wink: Oh the joy. (I look much better dressed - I think lol)

So my hair has to be funky and modern, I’m 52 and not ready to be classed any older although to be truthful there are days when like you I feel in my dotage! lol

Have a look in the Magazines for a style you want to grow your hair into, then go for it. :slight_smile:

Keep us informed, shame we can’t show and tell.


Anyone watch Spooks? (Tuesdays BBC1). Jo has a really trendy short hair style which won’t take post-chemo patients too long to achieve!

Thanks for your comments girls i think i will brave the hairdressers very soon, I am going to Champneys for the weekend end of Nov with the girls for two nights i can’t wait so i think i will get it done before i go.

It is a birthday treat as last year for my birthday i had the operation to remove my lump actually on my birthday so hoping i have a better one this year. I’m sure i will things are looking good and i’m feeling very positive.

Love to you all

Horselover, Have a great timeand happy birthday.

janerc100, yep i remember seeing her earlier, really liked the colour as it was a great white shade all over, and a really funky style. go for it!