When did yours start?

Hi all,

Found out today that I’m likely to have to start chemo but wondered when it’s likely to start.

I’ve got to have 2nd small op (not quite clear enough margins) & as long as results from that are hunky dory should see Onc w/c 7th Feb. If Onc decides chemo is way for me, when is it likely to start? Has anyone had it the same day or is it something that isn’t ‘off the shelf’ and they only get it ready if I agree?

I should’ve asked today but prob didn’t cos I had in my mind that wound had to heal properly, but surely that’d only be for Radio (which was original anticipated treatment plan).

Many thanks - Chris

It is usually after your op wound has healed because chemo suppresses your immune system and leaves you at risk of infection.My op was Oct24th and chemo started in December-all 2006 so forgotten date but about 5/6 weeks post op.

Hi, you will have to heal up first, have blood tests and be heighted and weighted, it’s made to measure, not off the shelf. It depends on the unit, most chemos start within 4-6 weeks of your op.
Good Luck. x

Ahh, never thought about the chemo v immune system - doh!!

Looks like March could be on the cards for me then.

Thanks for quick replies - Chris

8 weeks after op for me as they were too busy to start earlier. Should have been 5 weeks.

good luck

I had my op on Christmas Eve (WLE & ANC), saw the onc for the first time on 12th January and was weighed and bloods taken, then started chemo yesterday, so just under four weeks. I would have started a day earlier but I had a CT scan booked for that day. This does seem sooner than a lot of people have had but they did check that my healing was good first.

I was only DX on December 15th so it’s been a really fast process all round!

Jane xxx