When do you get offer

Can someone tell me when you are normally offerred recon as i had mastectomy in jan, just finished chemo and am about to start radio for 4 weeks. Recon has never been mentioned to me since day of dx in jan, do i bring it up with onc or wait till i see surgeon again in Jan? Would relly like to go for it as hate the way my body looks after mastectomy and would welcome any replies from fellow survivors who have been there and done that. Also have been told op takes 9 hrs is that true or does it vary/ Sorry to fire so many questions just now chemo over want to move on and get normal life back

Hi Mounties,
Glad to hear that you’ve finished your chemo. The advice seems to vary from hospital to hospital but from what I understand, the surgeons prefer to do recon at least 6 months after the completion of radiotherapy. I am waiting for a DIEP and my surgeon suggested waiting a year after completion of radio.

Hopefully some other ladies will let you know what their experience has been as it does vary.
All the very best,

Hiya Mounties,

I had left mastectomy July last year, chemo sept-march and then had rads April. I was eager to get the recon ball rolling and spoke to my breast surgeon in the November 06 when he referred me to the plastic surgeon. I was advised that they couldnt operate on the rad side for one year and so am having that done next April/May in the meantime I go into hosp in 2 weeks to have the right (unaffected) side removed and reconstructed in one go and am really looking forward to it. I was advised to have the right side removed due to family history and the fact that i am only 27.

Unfortunately there arent any guidelines or target times when seeing patients who have been referred from consultant to consultant unlike GP to consultant whereby patients have to be seen in 13 weeks, so there is no harm in getting things sorted now, at least you will know where you are at and can get things straight in your head.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ju -x-

Hi Mounties I thought I had lost you as couldnt find any postings. You are a brave old thing having recon it does take 9 hours cause I asked 3 weeks ago at my last chemo. My breast care nurse asked me if I was having it done I said no are you kidding I am too frightened then she started explaining the operation but I still said no thanks. I do feel the way you feel though the big 38d cup hanging down one side its horrible even when you forget about having BC it quickly comes back every morning when you step into the shower. I have stopped looking I took the full length mirror out of my bedroom Anyway I hope you are well I feel great I am hopeing to start a new job in 2 weeks I cant wait to get back to normal living. My hair is coming in lovely I died it back to my blonde colour last week Went to Glasgow on Saturday and got some lovely new clothes Went to the Optician had got some designer glasses thought what the hell after what Ive been through. Hubby doesnt know whats hit him. He is getting back to the way we were. We had a long chat last week He said it was me who had changed not him and everything he did for me nothing was good enough. He also said I never stopped moaning I didnt know I was doing it but we have been great since chemo has finished I feel my old self again.I hope you feel well tolet me know how you are doing as I would love to keep in touch You Take Care Love Linda xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Mounties

I had a recon about 10 months after the mastectomy, I was ready for it and the recon surgeon told me I had to be ready. I had the chest expander put in (I think you call it that over there, I live in SA) that was no problem, then over the next 6 months I went every few weeks to get it pumped up with saline solution. Then I had the op for the expander out and boob put in. My first op with the chest expander took around 2 hours, the main op was about 3 hours but they did reconstruct the nipple as the same time. I have smallish boobs though, 36B so the chest expander way was ideal. I have mentioned on this website if any ladies want to see my reconstruction they are welcome to go onto the breakthrough site and see my message which has my email address. I am very pleased with the result, although I did have to have the whole thing redone as after the first recon I went down with brain cancer and had to have chemo, which did something to the silicone boob, but had it redone now and very pleased with the result.

Which recon are you going to have done? Are you big busted? Love Roz x

Thank ou all for your replies. I am a size 38a so quite small but want to have it done if i can as i hate the sight of myself in the mirror since mastectomy. I know op saved my life but it is just so hard when you try old clothes on that you can’t wear anymore because of scar. Anyway really appreciate all your helpful advice, but could i just ask how long does op take and what is a diep? I have been told via grapevine that they use spare tyre from belly to make new boob and that they occasionally take other boob off as well to make you a identical pair of new ones. Is that true or have i been listening to wrong grapevine? Many thanks Christina

Hiya Mounties

I had mastectomy Nov 05, chemo rads etc. I had a DIEP at salisbury on July 5th and will have my other boob reduced to match (my choice). I am a 38D and aim to be a nice C!!

Yes, it is a long op, mine was 8.5hrs. I was advised to wait 6mths after rads and started discussions myself, I feel great and can’t wait for the next part of the op which will be early November. I will be back at work after 9 weeks and love the way my body looks (even now and it is still in progress).

There are many good sites with full info and piccies of DIEP ops, a good surgeon would never remove an unaffected boob to make his job easier. Arm yourself with all the facts and then see a surgeon and have a discussion (private appts cut out a wait and only cost around £90).

My advice is to go for it.

Good luck Jan x

Can anyone tell me which sites are available top look at to see pics of recons as would really like some more info before i speak to onc re recon. Still unsure whether i want to face more invasive surgery especially as it seems to take so long. Would be grateful for any links to other recon websites. Many Thanks Christina xx

Here are a couple of sites that Ive looked at:-


Go along as see a plastic surgeon as he/she can give you all the information and answer all your questions. You dont have to make a decision there and then, you can have time to think about it and get back to them. Or talk to you Breast Care Nurse, she should be able to give you loads of info.

Ive learnt from all of this not to make a decision until I have all the facts, even saw a fertility consultant at a private hospital before making the decision not to go ahead with it. At least then you are making an informed decision which you know is right for you and you (hopefully) wont regret.

Good luck.

Ju -x-