When do you start having check ups?

I am nearing the end of treatment apart from 12 rads and a years herceptin. When do they start doing check ups for recurrence? How do you know if all the chemo etc has/is working? I had lobular cancer. Not confident of accuracy of mammogram.

Hi starfish,
I had 4 fec, 20 Rads, 4 tax and 17 herceptin. Until I finished herceptin I was monitored thtoughout, visits to onc, blood and heart tests etc. because I am HER+++ the onc didnt want to see me again. This will vary depending on Hospital I suppose also on your -/+ status. Im a bit confused as to wether I should be having periods or not (i am on tamoxifen) but I will ask that on a different thread
The best thing you can is ask your onc or nurse

I finished all treatment on 8th October this year and my first check up is on 8th December. I had 8 chemos and 20 rads plus now taking arimidex for 5 years. Then i think they will see me in 3 months after then.