When do you start hormone therapy? During or after rads?

I start rads today but have still not been given a prescription for any hormone therapy altho my notes say that I am to be offered aromotase inhibitors.
I just wondered when others started… any type of ht.

Mary M

Hello Mary

I started my Femara Tabs 2 weeks ago when I had app with Onc, so well before starting the rads.

Hope you are fine and well

Love Alanaa and Fat Cat xxxx

I was prescribed Tamoxifen not AIs as I am pre-menopausal. I finished rads in mid June last year and was prescribed Tamoxifen in October last year.


I started to take Tamoxifen three weeks after my last chemo, so a week before I started rads.

Jane xxx

I started taking tamoxifen the day my rads started - 3 weeks after finishing chemo.


I started tamoxifen a month after my second op and just before starting rads. I had to ask for it because they’d overlooked it.


I started Tamoxifen 3 weeks before RADS, but my oncologist said it was up to me whether I started then, or waited until RADS finished.


I started tamox before rads starteted the first itme after rads were completed the second time at the same time as rads this time… Don’t think it makes a difference when you start them but make sure your hormones don’t get forgotten.


I wasnt given my Tamoxifen until after Rads finished, do yourself a favour and look over some of the threads on side effects and how to minimise them, I found switching brands affected me and since I insist on only one type it is much better.

Good luck xx

thanks for all your answers …i asked about my drugs today …i believe its going to be femara but i wont get them until the end of rads. So we are all so different…happy international womens day everyone.

Mary M

Hi Mary,

I was put on Femara (letrozole) when I had the follow-up appointment with the oncologist about a month after completing radiotherapy. Sounds like a similar plan to yourself. This worked well as I had an opportunity to have made something of a recovery from chemo and radiotherapy before hitting my body with more chemicals.

Best of luck with the radiotherapy - hope it goes well.

Ask again. I got femara a month after surgery and do not start rads until the 26/3 due to a waiting list. My advice would be to get on the treatment as soon as possible. You can keep taking it during rads

Unfortunately its not in my hands as to when i start the femara…its down to my two oncologists (one in the clinic in Toulouse and the other in Montauban where i am having my rads) and the clinic in Toulouse is a renowned cancer hospital where they do loads of research - i may even be put in a trial - so I’m not going to rock the boat and demand anything!If they say after …then I’ll take them after. Theres a real mix it appears as to when one is started so i’m not worried…now.
Mary M