When do you start to feel "normal" again?

When do you start to feel “normal” again?

When do you start to feel “normal” again? Hi All
Hope you are all getting on ok.
I was just wondering as I only have 1 FEC left at the end of june, no rads, but then start having Zoladex injections after that.
At what stage do you feel like you are getting your strength back, normality returns (if that is possible???)

This has been such a harrowing 6 months, and am not sure if my family and I are expecting too much.
My mum keeps saying that 1 more treatment to go and then I start to get better, but I know deep down it isn’t the end, as I will still have the hospital appointments, the threat hanging over me that it may happen again, etc…

Throughout this ordeal, I can honestly say that I haven’t felt “ill” apart from the side effects of chemo, which as they go have been relatively minimal, but I am now getting just a tad fed up of waking up in a morning with it on my mind and going to bed with it on my mind, and everyone ringing everyday to see how I am.

Can anyone shed any light to give me a little hope please.

Take care


All different Hi Ang

I can sympathise with how you feel everyone thinks that once treatment is over thats it your better. I finished my treatment at the end of Jan but still feel tired sometimes am up sometimes down, been alright for about 6 weeks then bang deep depression set in, still trying to dig myself out of it. I find coming on this site helps tremendously as everyone is going through or have been through similar situations. The dread that it will come back again and the feeling of emptiness inside after treatment has finished, almost like you have been abandanded. But you will get there as everyone on here who has been through it will tell you, but I know its easier said than done (people tell me not to beat myself up about it, but I still do) I also carry a lot of guilt feelings around with me…Sorry could not be of much use to you, but will be thinking of you…

Take care


Hi ang, i think how and when you start to feel more positive is a very indiviudal thing.I finished my treatment at the end of February. I went back to work on 2nd April. i was very tired for the first few weeks but have felt really well for the past month. i continued going to the gym during my treatment and upp’ed my training for the Race for Life which I ran on sunday. I really don’t worry too much about the future. I’m taking the best care of myself that I can and thinking about the things that I want to do. The main thing is that I’m still here to spend time with my partner and my son. Things could have been a lot worse and that’s the main thing I keep in mind. i celebrated my 48th birthday 2 weeks ago. These days getting to 50 does n’t sound so bad.


Hi all.

I have my last Taxotere tomorrow, but will be on Herceptin until next year. Thankfully, I will be having this done at home so I don’t have to make the 50 mile round trip to the hospital every 3 weeks.

My diagnosis was a complete shock as I went to hospital for the removal of a benign lump; every test I had was clear, but the cancer was being hidden by it. My surgeon had to hit me with the bad news when I went back the following week.

We had moved 400 miles from London and OH had retrained and had just started a business 6 weeks prior to finding out about BC. I had written a marketing plan for the business as we were planning to work together. We were also renovating a flat which we planned to sell and this went on hold.

In the past 2 weeks we have started back on the flat as we want to sell it at the end of the summer (it’s now worth much more than it would have been if we had sold it at the end of last year). I have also decided to take a p/t course in my OH’s field (web development) and this will start in September - hopefully, my concentration levels will be much better by then. I also plan to possible to a TEFL or CELTA course for a month at the beginning of next year and I’d like to learn Spanish in order for me to converse with a dear friend in Madrid. Her English is perfect but I feel I should make the effort when I go over.

I just feel I’ve lost nearly a year of my life and I want to get on with it and not rest on my laurels. I also feel I need to give something back to my OH who has been a tower of strength throughout this. An extremely strong and special man and I don’t know how I would have got through this without him.

Anyway, I don’t think I ever knew what “normal” was, so I wouldn’t know how to go back to it.