When does normal return

As in, when does the affected breast feel like your own again…
After a WLE in dec. and at the moment undergoing rads, had 21 out of 33, I can feel a small lump just above the scar line of the nipple but I understand things are still settling down in there…when would you say your boob is your own again??

Hello Tally

My WLE was in Dec 06 and my breast still doesn’t feel really right. I still have a hard lumpy bit around the surgery site which the breast surgeon says is OK. For a couple of years there was also a hard lumpy sort of area caused by rads - this has gone now but even so, every time I have an ultrasound the radiologist says there are ‘extensive changes’ caused by the radiotherapy.
I also have quite a lot of pain in my breast but I have lymphoedema in my affected breast which doesn’t help ! But I’ve got used to my breast feeling a bit strange and most of the time I don’t worry about it.
So it may be a while yet before your breast feels ‘like your own’ again. If the lumpy bits are worrying you then get them checked out.
Very best wishes
Anthi x

Hi Tally, our cases are very similar but I am a whole year ahead of you. I am always checking both breasts and thought I found something suspicious in the breast which I had been operated on in January. Was seen very quickly and it turned out to be internal scar tissue - so there is no simple answer to your question - having gone through what we have I think there will always be anxieties but I guess normality is returning in some form and my boob does feel like my boob - just dented and scarred but I am grateful I still have it and have not had to face reconstruction and so on like so many ladies on here - all the best, Debbie x

Hi Everyone

Could I ask when did you lose your brows and lashes and when did these return and your hair

Thanks x

I had WLE in Oct 2006 and still have a patch of lymphodoema and the area round the scar is quite hard.The nipple area is less sensitive and also quite hard.My hair came back in the first few weeks post chemo[slowly] and so did my eyelashes though they are sparse.I still have no eyebrows and I have some peripheral neuropathy in fingertips and toes.I think I have my ‘normal’ now and I too am just grateful to be here.

Sorry Tally but I don’t think your breast will ever feel ‘normal’ again if my experience is typical.

My breasts are small and the scar and site of the lumpectomy wouldn’t even be visible at a casual glance ( not sure who it would be doing the glancing!)… but it still feels quite different from the other breast and I am always aware of the different feel.

I still have quite a lot of numbness under my arm (nearly 2 years since surgery) - and the nipple is very pale. Like Horace I have some breast lymphodoema and the breast tissue is sometimes hard and sometimes soft - but always 'lumpy". I have been told that this is ‘normal’ so guess there’s nothing to do but accept that that’s how it is now.
I count myself lucky to have escaped mastectomy- my daughter is having her 2nd one on Easter Tuesday.

Hello Mrs MC - this seems to have slipped a long way down the board so this will bump it up.

I can’t remember exactly when my brows and lashes fell out but I think it was a couple of months after the hair on my head went.

My head hair started coming back after chemo No.5 but took quite a long time - not helped by Herceptin which also slows it down. I wore wigs and hats for about 8 months. My brows and lashes did come back pretty well - I was lucky - but also took several months.
Best wishes
Anthi x

i finished my fec Feb this year. My eye brows are back now, and my eye lashes are doing well, too. Ive been putting Vaseline on my eye lashes when i go to bed, which seems to help. head hair is coming back, too