When does the fluff start to become hair?

Can anyone help, please? I have a lovely covering of what can only be described as “fluff” all over my head. It is growing nicely, but is extremely fine and delicate. I was wondering if anyone can give me some idea of when the fluff might start to grow through stronger and look more like real hair?



ETA: Sorry, forgot to say - I finished chemo 4 weeks ago this Wednesday (28th Spet).

Hello Barton

Good to hear you’ve finished the chemo, you can now look forward… I remember the fluff' coming through on my head and I was so excited because at the back of my mind I was thinking it wouldn't return, but it did. In my experience I found the grey hair came through first, which I believe is quite common, then gradually the brown hair started coming through - only took a few weeks and it was curly. It grew back quite strong and fairly thick, I got it cut into a style’ as soon as I could and my hairdresser said it was healthy hair in good condition. So please bear with it, honestly, it won’t be long…
BTW, it is completely straight now (4 years down the line) - I much preferred it curly!

Thanks for the reply, CricketDi. Yes, I’m afraid all (but about a dozen bits) of the fluff is white! Although the fluff is lovely to stroke (I sit watching the telly stoking my head - I know, I’m a sad muppet!), I am really wanting proper hair to come through! With winter coming soon, I’m going to have a cold head without it!


Hi Barton - good question!!! I’ve just got the beginnings of fluff 9 weeks post chemo! Can’t WAIT for hair, but so excited that SOMETHINGs happening at last!

Hi Barton, just like Jane I am about 9 weeks post chemo and I have had fluff for quite a while, I think it appeared a couple of weeks before my last chemo, I have now darker hair just beginning to sprout, this has been about a week now, I was starting to think it would never return !! I had Tax chemo , I think it depends on which chemo you 've had.

My Owl Chick fluff started off white and is now turning grey.

I wasn’t grey before chemo :o(

My white fluff is now silver hair, about 1" long. It could do with a trim round the ears, but I have no intention of touching it. Mine was grey but coloured before and is what has been called a nice grey now. It is even. Last chemo was July.

Last chemo four weeks ago and i now have a full head of fluff! Am hoping it will be hair in two months and i can have a hairdresser do something with it. Even highlights. Its growing back grey.

I SOOO hav hair envy!! My last chemo was July too… 1" hair??? I wish! I had no hair at all until a friend told me AV gel was good - massaged that it twice a day and in just over a week I’ve got SOME fluff!

I do have to add, chemo wasn’t much help to my cancer, so given the option to swap, and i’d be there in a shot.

I bought caffeine shampoo on Saturday to try.

Someone once mentioned coloured mousse on here - it doesn’t open the hair shaft like a dye so it’s kind to early fluff. I couldn’t find any - looked in Tesco and Boots. Does it exist?

I too bought caffiene shampoo on Saturday… Haven’t I read somewhere on here that hair often comes back apparently white/grey because it hasn’t got the dye yet, and that the colour can come back after the hair? Not sure about mousse - it would be the wash-in-wash-out sort I guess… seen in Boots years ago, but not looked recently!

Yes Elticks, if I were you I’d swap too… sorry hun…

The moouse exists. Wella? Anyone dare to Google?

I Googled and just found a Wella normal semi-permanent dye in the form of a mousse, instead of a fluid. I meant the sort of wash-in, wash-out stuff.
Years ago I bought some in blue and red and used it for fun and it just washed out.

Does THAT exist now in “normal” colours?

I googled it and found SuperDrug still do it… also lots of warnings about it NOT washing out! let us know!!!

WHAT have you found, Jane? I’m on Superdrug’s own site (current stock) and there is no temporary wash-out coloured mousse.

loreal-paris.co.uk/_en/_gb/about/buy-online.aspx This is a mousse, and this page lists all the people that (apparently) sell it… hope you have some luck!

Hi I found this product which looks promising and does wash out:


This site also sells it and has some positive reviews for it:


I would also like to stop looking like some kind of demented owl sometime soon, but I am only just over 4 weeks from last chemo too, so guess I need to be be patient!

Worst thing is the eyebrows for me - I look like an alien if I put my wig on with no eyebrows, so carefully draw some on in the morning, but by midday I have rubbed them off when I am working! Aaagh! Any ideas on how long these take to come back?

Now 2 years post chemo but it is only in the last 9 months my haif has got back to anything near normal.It is now quite thick,grey and soft.I was turning grey at the roots prior to chemo so decided to stay with the grey and save a fortune.When my hair first started to grow it was very fluffy and wayward. I only used baby shampoo for the first couple of months and then changed to simple shampoo.My hairdresser recommended macademia oil to deal with the fluffy state of my hair…It is very gentle and you just rub in and leave it on.Helps to get some kind of style as it grows.I still use it now as I only use natural organic products and i find it keeps my hair in lovely shiny condition.You can buy it online,it is quite expensive but you only use a tiny amount at a time and lasts ages.

L xx

Hi Girls,
I finished my chemo at the end of May, 4 weeks after my last chemo I had a nice covering of thin soft fluff…however here comes the horrible part but well worth it SHAVE THE FLUFF OFF 4 weeks post chemo and your hair will come back thicker and quicker. I now have a thick covering of hair which is growing fast. I guess its a bit like cutting your nails, they grow back harder and stronger!! I will change my profile pic soon as I ditched the scarfs a while ago.
Rach :-))