When is right time for 1st check up?

I finished 25 sessions of rads on monday this week and have seen onc to check on skin and after effects. My first proper check up is at the beginning of June next year (1 yr after dx). I had lumpectomy and rads but no chemo. Why do some people have checks after 6 months or even 3 months. My surgeon said 6 months wouldn’t help and too many mammograms could be dangerous! I go privately so it’s not the NHS not having the time to do it.

Hi Redders,

12 months post DX 1st check up is normal in my area, but then you go to 3 month check ups.
I think that they like to let surgerys and procedures heal abit before they start poking about again.

Anything that you are worried about before your check up then go and see your GP or BCN and they will refer you if you are worried.

You will probably feel abandoned by the medical teams ( i did ) and this is totally normal. You will feel better about this in a few months.

Lots of love Andrea xx

for me 3months is post chemo and because I am triple neg

I had check ups every 3 months for a year and now these are 6 monthly. This is because I had a large number of lymph nodes involved. I don’t really feel that they are particularly useful as nothing much is done apart from “how are you?, any problems?” and a quick (and I do mean quick) examination. No routine bloods, or scans, except of course an annual mammogram. However, having said that when I’ve presented with a problem it has been investigated. I think it is true that most recurrences/secondaries aren’t discovered at routine check-ups but by the patient themselves who then attend clinic and get investigated.

Hello redders
I had WLE followed by mastectomy, no rads or chemo, just hormonal therapy.
I have an annual mamogram.
In the 1st 2 years post dx I had 3 monthly check ups alternating between the breast consultant and the oncologist.
I now have 6 monthly check ups until I reach the 5 year mark then I think it’s once a year.
I am seen privately.
If you have any problems at all I’m sure you can make an appointment - or even ring the secretary, tell them your query and if the consultant wants to see you they’ll let you know.
Take care

My onc said it was the norm to have the next mammogram 12-18 months after the diagnosis. I still see him in the meantime though