When is your immune system low after fec-t?

Hi everyone. Does anyone know when your immune system is low after fec-t? Is it straight away? Xxx

Hi  bunblegirl

the days they told me are days 10 - 14 on Fec…but changes to day 4-5 when on the T courses x

Hi Donna. Thank you. Its so confusing! Xxx

Hi Maryland. Thank you for replying. Wow you done well working through treatment. Its my mum who has cancer and she’s desperate to go back to work but she’s going to have treatment first. I did make another post on here here but can’t find it. I think its just the fec my mums having tomorrow so I’ll have to ask. That’s something that it doesn’t go down straight away. Do you know how long your immune system is low for? Xx

Hi sorry I havent replied for so long Maryland. Thank you for all the advice. First chemo went well and all OK other then infection in picc line! Hope you are doing well? Xx