When to do stuff after WLE

My BCN said 2 weeks before I start to do stuff and build it up slowly but my world is not about house work etc, it’s horse riding and mucking out! 


So thinking about lifting and carrying a full bucket of water as an example , how soon  would you do that?  I sooooooooooooooooooooooo want to ride my horse too

Hi Emily,

I remember being told to allow a month, depending on how you feel before doing anything more strenuous, like mowing the lawn - see below!

I would think it would also depend on where the incision is, mine was not in a place that would have been too vulnreable.

My husband, bless him, asked at my results appointment when I would be ‘able to mow the lawn.’ Whaaat?, I thought, the surgeon then said with a perfectly straight face, ‘oh, not at least for another year!’

ann x



Hi Emily

Did you have lymph node removal too?

If so, you need to be extremely careful. Speak to your bc nurse who can advise you. X

I was told a month before I lifted anything heavier than a full kettle. It takes that long for the internal stitches to dissolve. And then to build up gradually. But I was digging in the allotment within a couple of weeks, and didn’t come to any harm, I was fairly careful not to overdo things.

I would make sure you do things gradually so your body has a chance to grumble if you’re doing too much.

Hi Emily, the thought of riding a horse with your sore boob bobbing up and down doesn’t seem ideal to be honest. I was told to wear a firm non wired bra to keep my boob from moving. I didn’t follow that advice for the 2 weeks straight after my op and was then hit with pain. Once I wore the bra 24 hours a day the pain decreased. I know the temptation is to get beck to normal asap but it will only set you back if you rush so try to be patient and k8nd to yourself. My niece has a horse so I know how devoted you horseriding are. Good luck x